Geert Wilders Spreads Anti-Islam in Australia

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Geert Goes Aussie 5
Geert Wilders Goes Down Under

ISLAM NEWSROOM - "Australia Gets Geert & Gears Up for Anti-Islam Party"

Perth, the capital of Australia brought in Geert Wilders for "Secret Launch" - Australian Liberty Alliance (a super Right-Wing, Anti-Islam Hate Group)

The Western Australia state’s capital, Perth, has hosted the secret launch of the Australian Liberty Alliance, a right-wing anti-Islam political party.

The party was inducted into the Australian politics during an inaugural ceremony at a private home on Tuesday after state officials begrudged it a public venue.

Its agenda features efforts aimed at introducing a ban on face veil across Australia and stemming the flow of Muslims into the country, where adherents to the faith comprise 2.4 percent of the population.

Andrew Horwood, the party’s director, alleged that Australians sympathized with its cause.

"Islam in its current form doesn't fit with Australian values and if we want to retain the gift of living in the greatest country in the world and passing it onto the next generation, we need to be able to have these honest and frank discussions," he claimed.

The alliance also defended having held its inauguration ceremony in secret, alleging it had to ensure the safety of the event’s keynote speaker, controversial far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders, who is widely known for inciting hatred against Muslims and spreading Islamophobia.

The politician, who is the founder and leader of the anti-Islam Party for Freedom in his home country, addressed the event, saying, "Let us reclaim our countries. Stop the mass immigration from Islamic countries. We say no more to the governments and the Islamization process."

Politics are business as usual around Perth, in the "Land Down Under", right Geert?.

"No worries Geert. You'll find racists, bigots and anti-everybody almost anywhere you look these days - even in Aussie Land".

Too bad, too! We love the Australians and truly enjoyed our visits there. But of course that was on the east coast - not the far west.

May Allah guide them and us, ameen.

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#3 aisha 2015-10-21 20:02
Insulting the entire religion of Islam and mocking those suffering refugees is wrong ,brainless and heartless .we need to engage with these people in a peaceful way .Islam teaches us to love and care for others .engage in a better and peaceful way. let us educate those who teach that islam is the problem with out having any idea. Let's try to be better Muslims. making more Dua insha Allah.may Allah guide all of us and all mankind. May Allah unite the ummah to the right path .may Allah unite the ummah to the right path .Ameen ya Allah .As salaamu aleykum.
#2 aisha 2015-10-21 19:17
Australian Government shouldn't allow this kind of hate spreading to their country. It doesn't help anyone ,it's just distraction.
#1 aisha 2015-10-21 19:12
You see people are suffering every where I see in the news It hurts when I see. Children women sitting in cold weather. Don't have any thing . Is not fun at all.

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