Yusuf Estes LIVE tonight Reseda Mosque California

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Yusuf Estes LIVE

Guide US TV



Yusuf Estes LIVE RESEDA MASJID With Sheikh Sayyed Jummah
And On TV GUIDE US TV: TONIGHT September 13

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BROADCASTING LIVE on TV Channel for real Islam.
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Finally a Muslim owned Satellite TV channel in America!
At last Muslims can have their voice in the United States and Canada, for all to hear.

But now it is up to us to provide the proper content and message so desperately needed for Muslims (our youth in particular) and for non-Muslims (those who hate Islam in particular) to get the real truth and see the real Islam the way Muslims should be practicing it.

"It is a tremendous success!" says Yusuf Estes, founder of the new Muslim TV channel, Guide US TV. He continued saying, "Now we, the American Muslims have their own TV channel - and it's FREE!"

The long awaited antennas & satellite channels now deliver the much needed balance of understanding and integration for Muslims living here in the United States and Canada. The patience and working with co-operation have paid off for the Muslims living in America.

Muslims and other faiths in Canada and U.S. are now receiving the biggest TV treat in history

Here is what he said....

Yusuf Estes, founder of Guide US TV says - ...we are all so excited about the acheivements of these events in New York and Chicago - especially the chance to meet so many of the supporters who have been regularly contributing for this project for so long.

When asked 'why?' - He said, "We are all working hard and sacrificing together as "media partners" to help launch Guide US TV on Satellite"

He says he ..loves working with scholars, teachers and presenters and all the brothers and sisters on this exciting project - Guide US TV.

Daily Schedule: now on regular satellites all over America (Canada & USA) - See what everyone is talking about.
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#2 ferguson 2011-08-13 04:27
my dear sheikh. i know you probably already know this but i just wanted to point out that the date of the guideus.tv is wrong, it says its 1969 lol and the day is wrong too, not sure if time is wrong as i am in australia, hehehe. sorry, just wanted to mention it!!! your sister in Islam.
#1 ferguson 2011-08-13 04:23
I can't say it enough and will always pray for you and your family and all our wonderful scholars, sheikhs, imams, teachers, everyone, for this ground breaking and wonderful contribution to this world of ours. What a fantastic way to get the truth of Islam out there to the masses. Media, good or bad, plays a huge role in todays world, and this outlet for all us Muslims is going to be so useful. May Allah bless you and all of the ummah. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your sister in Islam.

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