Floating Rock of Jerusalem

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Floating Rock of Jerusalem?
floating Rock Fake smIs It Fake? See & Share

Islam Newsroom Update - January 26, 2015

WARNING: This is a critical review of pictures and images attributed to be so-called miracles of Allah or Islam

We all get emails or see websites talking about so-called miracles or proofs of Islam, right?

These can be in the form of images or natural events that are 'strange' or unusual. For example, the appearance of the written word 'Allah' or Muhammad (p) or stuff related to Islam on things in nature. But some go much further - way to far - like the ones below.

Before we examine the pictures, think about this:

1. What about things in nature that seem to have the words of Arabic on them?
There are also things that have words in Hindu on them, and Christians have their 'crosses' on so many things.
What if someone sees the face of Jesus or a cross in his soup?
Or St. Mary statue with tears on the face?
People claim these things prove their belief and notions they have of their "gods".

2. Does Islam teach us to rely on such instances and so-called "miracles" in order to believe in Allah?
Do we have to rely on bent trees, floating rocks, twisted branches, marks on fish and people's dreams or "visions" in order to believe in the Greatness of Almighty Allah?
Of course not.

Our goal in dealing with these claims of people is not to put down the efforts of sincere scientists and researchers who seek to bring about a better understanding and appreciation for Islam and what it teaches.

However, it is essential to the pure and beautiful message of the Quran and hadeeth of our prophet, peace be upon him, to always strive to present accurate and authentic information, without distortiong or corruption. Testing and questioning our sources, using our reason and logic is definitely a part of understanding true Islam and what it offers.

Very often when people send out these emails with pictures and stories, they do not take the time to investigate and authenticate their sources and then they even miss the whole point of what Islam teaches and in some cases, even give the opposite picture of what Islam is all about.

Now, look real close - under the rock..

floating Rock Fake[Roll Your Mouse Over Image]
'Amazing' what you can do with 'Photo-Shop'

This is only one of many "fakes" amongst Muslims today:
'The Miracle' of Floating Rock in Jerusalem? Or is it a hoax?

Just look at this image. It is a widely spread picture in the internet, especially within Muslim community. Some call this the floating rock, some may call it, the flying rock or magic stone.

What makes the picture an 'attention grabber' are also the stories that accompanied the emails or blogs about it. Some even call this a miracle of Allah, or they might say it is the rock prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, traveled to the Heavens in his Night Journey.

Here are several of these stories:

[NOT TRUE] - It was the rock where the Prophet Muhammad stood when he begin the ascend to heaven during the Israh wal Miraj event. They said the rock wanted to follow the Prophet ascending to heaven, but the Prophet stopped it. So it stopped the ascend and staying afloat until now.

[NOT TRUE] Another story adds the above description and said that it is is now under the Dome of the Rock, in the Palestine. Some said the rock is now tightly guarded by the israely soldiers as not to attrack Muslims and to cover the miracle of the Prohet of Allah.

[NOT TRUE] Some said it is a rock in eastern part of Saudi Arabia, in a village called Al Hassa. The rock is said to float about 10 cm from the ground at a specific time every year and then sit back on the ground.

[NOT TRUE] Some Muslims believe the picture to be true and eagerly said: 'Allahu Akbar! (Allah is the great!)' or 'this is the Miracle Stone of Allah'.

We also learned that the rock is actually located in Al Ahsa, near Tuwaithir village in the eastern part of Saudi Arabia. You can see what the place looks like and the many unique rocky structures it has here, in Panoramio. There is also another reference to the original rock in flickr.
Still among the non-muslims, the picture raised some doubt and questions: "IS THE PICTURE REAL?"
It is just a HOAX - Because:

1. The picture is 'too good to be true'. If it is floating, and in open air, near a village (see the car, electricity cables and the house), flocks of people, radio and tv channel crews, and all sort of media would surely have published the pictures and the story. It should already have had its own blog, for sure. Yet, we only have this single picture and vague comments about where and what it is.

2. The story about the rock has no authentic reference from the islamic sources like hadiths or the saying of the Prophet. (if someone has the proof that IT HAS, please let me know)

3. It can be shown that the picture has been manipulated or doctored. Several people pointed to the part below the rock, under the shadow. See below.

The true story of the 'floating rock'
After sometime of believing that the picture is not true without able to prove it, I finally come accross an arabic forum where the members discussing this.

Thanks to image search engines, I can show you the pictures [below] that show the original rock in several viewing angles. The pictures show why the 'floating rock' is almost so convincing that many people reject to accept that such is only a manipulated image.



The rock itself is unique, and is supported by at least three rock structures below it. The supporting rocks seem to be a continuous part of the rock that unite it with the ground. The supporting rocks are relatively very small compared to the size of the rock above them.

That fact explains why it is easy to manipulate the rock to be 'floating'. By photographing the rock at the right angle, one can have a picture where the supporting rock can be erased without manipulating other part of the whole image. Such small manipulation was enough to produce the miraculous 'floating rock'.

Concluding remarks:

I hope this is enough to prove that the so-called 'floating rock' - and the miracle story that accompany it - is not true. For fellow muslims, I just want to say that we should not hurryly believe pictures or stories that is attributed to be the miracle of Allah, or Islam. We can still be a believing muslim, even if we do not believe such 'miracle pictures'.That rock is nothing compared to the Power of Allah.

..And what about the stories of the "Floating Rock" in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem?... Take a look for yourself and then read the commentary...

Rock at Al Quds
The original picture of the rock inside the
golden Dome of the Rock (Quba al Shahra)


This is the picture of the rock that is believed to be the standing point when the Prophet Muhammad about to ascend to heaven in the event of Israk Mikraj. It is located in the infamous Dome of the Rock, in Jerusalem, one of the famous landmark of the Palestine.

Is this rock actually floating?Scholars have told me the whole idea of a 'flaoting rock' is all fake and to stay away from these people who make up these things, inshallah.

Do we need to question the evidence provided in these pictures? Could these be 'touched-up'? Or maybe drawn or painted?
You judge..


Another example - the painting from Egypt years ago - with the tree limbs twisted to say "Laa elaha illallah, Muhammad Rasoolullah" - (Yeah, it is really just a painting the story is made up)

Check it out:

Here is the story to go along with the painting
(as though it was a real photo)

Egyptian painting fake story01
Just click on the image (ABOVE) to see it BIG SIZE

Another Big FAKE - This time it has 'Bismillah Ar-Rahman' on a pumpkin?

lies pumpkin1

Make dua for these people not to be misguided, ameen.Fake - no doubt! Please people send this link to everyone you know: www.IslamNewsroom.com/news-we-need/1113

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