"BAN ISLAM" Keep USA Free (from who?)

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Ban Islam 01Anyboy Feel "Safer" NOW?


Who is really "SAFER" - With These New Policy Proposals?

Recent Attacks on American Muslims Include:

1.) From Brooklyn, NY - US Postal Worker Attacks Young Sister A Muslim sister who attends Masjid At Taqwa was harassed by some random Postal employee, In Uniform, by spitting on her as she was walking with her baby( in a stroller ) on Fulton St! He was also yelling at her & making credible threats!

Then the sister quickly went into a nearby store owned by immigrant Muslim brothers who summarily locked the postal employee out. The perpetrator ( an African American) continued yelling insults while banging on the store's window. Eventually, he left and the Sister was escorted to safety by complete strangers.

Fortunately, that store has a surveillance camera that caught everything( audio & Video). The police were notified.

The 6 o'clock News on Chan 7 yesterday , the incident was mentioned & a replay of what was video taped was shown. The postal employee was identified & later arrested according to the reporter . This incident has so been posted on Facebook.

2.) A sister in the UK was pushed in front of a moving commuter train recently! Also, a Moroccan sister says she walked by Baisley Park, when someone shouting: "Go back where you came from!"

NOTE TO SISTERS: We live in an insidious time of manufactured Islamophobia, we must be more informed, aware, vigilant & prepared to protect ourselves against racial, religious and ethnic discrimination.

All of us are in for some difficult times ahead. Let's all think, share & act responsibily - (before it's too late).

Please share now, especially sisters .




#2 Hagaar 2015-12-18 15:51
Is there law help for accused muslim in EU?
I need a help for my husband.
#1 Heike Szuszka 2015-12-14 02:40
I have been told to go back to my own country, ironically I am a white US citizen of German origin, ignorant hateful people saying stupid things. Mr. Estes you have a sense of humor, I would say these people don't know their .... from their elbows, I am a nurse I know better:) just now I saw two Christian preacher a male and a female on the local TV station saying that Muslims think they have to kill to go to heaven and he claims that it is in the Quran, and he is yelling while he is saying it, it was a very hateful speech and hurtful to me to say the least, but Alhumdulillah I am a Muslim . I called the TV station upset and told them it was wrong to air this garbage and very hurtful to me and further makes me feel very unsafe as people hear this and believe it and look at me like I am a killer, then I called apologize on their voicemail, one has to be nice after all, it is not the woman on the phones fault ,anyway, I also wrote an email emphasizing that those comments were hurtful, hateful and wrong. With my luck the police will be at my doorstep, I am on my way to Pakistan next month to join my husband , I feel saver there, may Allah bless you for your work

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