#1 Muslims Hold Key to Holiest Christian Church

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Question Concerning Muslims Dealing With Christians About Worship

  • 1. Should Muslims Be Responsible for Christians Access to Worship of Jesus (p)?
  • 2. Can Muslims Even Enter Into Such Places?
  • 3. What Do Muslims Believe About Birth, Life, Death & Resurrection of Jesus, peace be upon him?
  • 4. Can Muslims Interfere With Other People's Faith & Practices (worship)?
  • 5. What Are Limits for Muslims Concerning Calling to Worship of One God WITHOUT Partners?
  • 6. What Are the References for Muslims Beliefs Compared to References for Christian Beliefs?
  • 7. How Can Muslims Best Convey the Message of Islam and Peace?
  • 8. What Do Muslims Believe About God (Allah)?
  • 10. What About Crusades Versus Jihad?
  • 11. How to Deal With HARSH QUESTIONS (attacks) Against Islam?

#1 Muslims should not seek to promote other religions nor facilitate ease for false worship of any kind. The reason Muslims maintain the key to the Church of the Holy Sepulture is because Christian tribes were fighting each other of the priviledge to hold and maintain the key the Church. It was during the time of Salahudin Al Ayubi (Kurdish) who freed the Holy land back for the Muslims after the Crusades who decided in favor of having a Muslim family responsible for the muftah (key) to the Church.
Muslims should always hold their trusts and keep their words and help in keeping others from killing each other.
It is not the Muslims who provide the place nor the practices going on there in Jerusalem. Rather, the role being played by the Muslims in on of honor and dignity and demonstrating for Muslims for centuries the limits of religious tolerance.

#2 Muslims may enter churches, as was demonstrated by the early Muslims, but not to participate in any acts of worship outside Islam.

#3 Muslims believe in the miracle of imaculat conception (miracle creation of Jesus in the womb of Mary by the prediction of the Holy Spirit, the Angel Gabriel [Ar. Ruh Qudus or Sacred Soul]). Jesus, peace be upon him, led a life full of miracles according to the Quran and teachings of Muhammad, peace be upon him. He cured the sick, healed the crippled, gave sight to the blind and even brought the dead back to life - All by the PERMISSION of Almighty God, Allah.
The Quran denies the idea of Jesus being crucified and dying on the cross and that something else took place at that time, about which many people still argue.
Important NOTE: Musilms believe Jesus will return in the Last Days - Alive and he will destroy the false Christ (Adajjal) and will lead all believers to victory. He will come back with two angels from Heaven and will land in Damascus, Syria at a mosque in time for the prayers.

#4. Muslims should always be ready to promote the worship of the One God, in love, peace and harmony with the rest of the community. If asked or the opportunity presents itself in a constructive way, Muslims should be quick to bring the truth and proof about what Islam is teaching us. However, we must not allow other faiths to take our children, sisters and brothers away from the correct worship to Allah.

#5. Muslims must call to the ultimate Rights of Allah, without exceeding the rights of others to reject, refuse or otherwise ignore, the call to worship our Lord and to obey His messenger. At the same time, it is the right of others to choose for themselves what they want to believe and what they want (or who they want) to worship. This is the right given to them by Allah, as is mentioned in the Quran, chapter 2, verse 256 -"Let there be no compulsion in religion".

#6. Having the proper knowledge and understanding while being able to properly speak the language has always been at the heart of giving the proper dawah (call to Islam). Seeking the teachers and presenters who are the most affective in spreading the true message of peaceful submission to Almighty God (Islam means: surrender, submission, obey, sincere and peace all at the same time).

#7. Christians rely on Bibles translated from various manuscripts in different languages, all dated much after the life of Jesus, peace be upon him, and none of these are exactly the same, even sometimes giving opposite means from one to the other. None of the actual authors are known, nor are the first of those to pass on the messages. Textual readings seem to imply these are written by certain people, but true biblical scholars claim this is simply not true.
References: www.911bible.com - www.bibleIslam.com

Muslims on the other hand, can rely with assurance on the transmission of the oral and written texts of both the Quran and the hadith of the prophet, peace be upon him. For 1,400 years all of this has been faithfully preserved in both oral memory and in written format. Some Qurans of the time of the companions of the prophet, peace be upon him, still exist today in museums throughout the world.
References: www.AllahsQuran.com - www.ProphetOfIslam.com

#8. What Do Muslims Believe About God (Allah)? Is there any evidence for existence of Allah?
Yes. Reference - www.GodAllah.com - www.godallah.com/origin_of_god.php

#9. What About Crusades Vs. Jihad?
We have all heard the expression, "Islam spread by the sword". However, it can easily be verified by reading a few examples from the encyclopedia concerning the Crusades and the infamous Inquisition exactly what was spread at the point of the sword. Additionally, it can be proven by the texts of the religions themselves:
The Protestant Bible (66 Books) and the Catholic Bible (73 Books, and the Orthodox bible (78 Books) all contain over 200 occurances of the word "sword", while the Quran in the Arabic language does not contain one single word for the word SAIF (Ar. 'sword') or any of the others 13 words in Arabic for various types of swords.
References: Holy Bible, Holy Quran, www.AboutJihad.com

#10. How to Deal With HARSH QUESTIONS (attacks) Against Islam?
Reference: www.SearchForIslam.com and type in the word "harsh"
Then use this same website for any questions concerning: Islam, God, Allah, Bible, Muhammad, chat rooms, online sharing of Islam.

* How Can Muslims Best Convey the Message of Islam and Peace?
Learn and Share.
Reference - www.WhatsIslam.com - www.ShareIslam.com - www.ChatIslam.com

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#10 victoria stefan 2013-04-14 00:51
Skheih Yusuf jazaak Allah kheiran jazaa and all who are working with you may we have a french translation of the islamic news?
#9 Samah Saad 2013-04-06 02:49
Asalam Alikom Shiekh Yusuf my name is Samah from Egypt ,really iam so proud to know that a great Shiekh like you converted Islam after he was a priest and choose the right path may Allah show any astray the right way and make our final destination the great paradise " Al Jannah" Ameen,please pray for me ya Shiekh i need your prayers & supplications ask Allah to heal me and to have his satisfaction, you are a blessed man and iam sure Allah will accept your prayers. thanks
#8 shuaib muazzam 2013-04-05 08:10
although i could not the whole story but what i got was good enough....MA SHA ALLAH.......... ....
#7 Yusuf Estes 2013-04-04 22:57
Salam alaykum, we are excited for this new 3 part article to be on our website (FREE) and you can turn it into a "Book".
Look at top of the page - ICON for PDF file (in the bar right after my name). Click and let it do all the work - PRESTO A FREE BOOKLET
#6 a.a. 2013-04-04 01:56
wat leds to haram is hamarm
opne the odors to the kafr to the wrishiop of jesus is harmam peroid
dshirk beg time!
#5 Yusuf Estes 2013-04-04 01:53
Dear A.A._Salam alaykum,_Thank you for your comments and we do pray to Allah to Guide all of us, ameen._Salahude en al Ayyubi was probably one of the greatest Muslims of his time and he is the one who initiated this idea in the first place._The problem was several Christians were fighting over who would be the ones to open the door and Salahudeen solved the problem by having Muslims do it for them and keep the key safe and the lives of the people safe too._Could we consider it a good thing to be neighbors and keep the peace for everyone? _You are free to comment back if you like, inshallah. We are open to hear more on this topic.
#4 a.a. 2013-04-04 00:31
muslims have to do nithing of karfirs period.
they cant give kthe keys to dthem as this to be shirk 2
them don get to abed dors to them n them nothng doing to theats the kurfr
haram harm!
#3 Muhammad Sirajuddin 2013-04-02 14:39
A good food for thought for Christians and is certainly something that they must diligently ponder upon, only to realize that Jesus was indeed a Muslim, a Prophet, spreading only the message of almighty Allah.
#2 Yusuf Estes 2013-04-02 09:23
That is one powerful story - And shows how things can be if we apply our true Islam and be patient with others, especially Christians.
Let's work together on getting this message out to the people, inshallah.
#1 Abdul 2013-04-02 08:47
asalamu alaikum,

wow I didn't know the muslims are the holders of the keys to jesus(pbuh) church.

ma salama

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