Liam Neeson Loves Adhan & Listens to Quran But Is He Muslim?

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Famous Actor Liam Neeson
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Getting Closer - Write to Him

When Will He Go to Islam?
We Just Found Out HE DID

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HOW MANY OF YOU REMEMBER THIS STORY (BELOW)? About Liam Neeson the movie star liking Islam and loving Adhan? Well you don't have to read this one anymore - Because all of that is CHANGED NOW - [click here to see] But be sure to look at all the comments (below) because maybe this could have something to do with others coming to Islam . . . (and you comment too)

He heard the adhan in Turkey - He is reading Quran - He has been listening to the dawah.

Now it is time to really take it up to another level.

Let's get serious Liam Neeson. You are considering swapping his Catholic faith for Islam, OK?

Please read what we are all saying to you (bottom of page) and then tell us what you think (inshallah - God Willing)...

Irish actor Liam Neeson (getting closer to Islam every day?) - -

He is a great actor from Ireland and has revealed he is considering giving up on his Catholic faith and converting to Islam.The Hollywood star, 59, was recently filming in Turkish city Istanbul and became fascinated with the Muslim faith during his stay.

He said: "The Call to Prayer happens five times a day and for the first week it drives you crazy, and then it just gets into your spirit and it's the most beautiful, beautiful thing"
He continued saying, "There are 4,000 mosques in this city. Some are just stunning and it really makes me think about becoming a Muslim."

So, it looks like he won't be copying Madonna and taking an interest in Kabbalah, or following in Tom Cruise's footsteps to become a Scientologist?

Liam Neeson, the actor was raised in Northern Ireland as a Catholic altar boy and was named after his local priest.

On his Catholic beliefs, he said:

"I was raised a Catholic, but I think every day we ask ourselves, not consciously, 'What are we doing on this planet?' What's it all about?"

"I am constantly reading books on God or the absence of God and atheism."

And now he has been seen reading the Quran (English translation) - but we don't know which translation yet.

Editor: Islam Newsroom (ARTICLE UPDATE) - Friday, April 12, 2013 at 11:59 - NOTE: Liam Neeson has NOT denied his love of Islam, his enjoyment of listening to the Quran.
We encourage every reader to write something to him and express what Islam means to all of us and how he can benefit from a public shahadah.
Of course Islam is in the heart and between Allah and the person - BUT, the shahadah is important and must be done publicly.
We need to let him and all non-Muslim readers know about true Islam.

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