Liam Neeson Loves Islam? But . .

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He Read Quran
He Did Salah (prayer)

BUT, is He Muslim?

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REMEMBER Stories we ran about Liam Neeson considering Islam while he was doing a movie in Istanbul, Turkey?
[here's the old story link:]
Well, here's the good news - Read the story below & comment please . .


Irish actor, Liam Neeson finally gave up the Catholic faith and is converted to Islam, according to reports from Turkey and printed in Weekly World News online.

The Hollywood star, who was making a movie in the Turkish city of Istanbul some time back had became fascinated with the way of Muslims and Islam during his stay.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: “The Call to Prayer (adhan) happens five times a day . . . it just gets into your spirit and it’s the most beautiful, beautiful thing".

“There are 4,000 mosques in the city . . . just stunning and it really made me think to become a Muslim.”

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Soon after speaking with The News,  Liam met with prominent Muslim imams and mullahs from Turkey and did his conversion, according to eye-witnesses.

Liam was raised in Northern Ireland as an alter boy in the Catholic church and was even named after the local priest.

When speaking about beliefs, Neeson says, "I grew up a Catholic, but I think every day we ask ourselves - 'What are we doing on this planet?' 'What's it all about'?"

Obviously, anyone who is asking the Almighty Allah for Guidance, then Allah will guide them - no matter how long or in what way - Allah will always Guide them to the right path. Al Hamdulillah, for Liam Neeson and all those who ask for Allah's Guidance.

Neeson also says, "I’m constantly reading books on God.."


You guessed 'Quran' - Right?

If you did, then you are absolutely RIGHT!

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Neeson has been seen reading Quran, he says he loves the Adhan (call to prayer) and even said the spirit of Islam is in his heart - and in the middle of a Hollywood meeting he left the room to bow in prayers toward Mecca.

Could it be true? Anything is possible for Allah Subhannah wa Ta'ala, God Almighty! Whoever He Guides will never be misguided and whoever He does not guide, will never find their way.

Keep reading, commenting and sharing our stories here, you never know who might read your comments and become a Muslim.


And once again, here's the old story link:]


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#28 Dyani 2015-05-14 20:23
Sorry to burst your hopes everyone, but Liam Neeson did not convert to Islam!
Liam Neeson refutes rumors he considered converting to Islam - While attending the 'Taken 3' premiere in Dubai, the actor shot down rumors he was thinking of changing religions.
#27 Ahmed 2015-03-25 23:07
El salamo eliakom , I ask Allah to guide every human on this earth to islam.

Salamo aliakom
#26 sarah 2015-01-03 18:53
read sourat alasr this answer at all
#25 Mohammed 2015-01-01 08:44
We glad to hear that good luck Mr.liam neeson do your best and we all with you we will never ever let you down
#24 sara 2014-11-23 08:54
Okay I don't get it is he muslim or not? To be honest he would be doing himself a favor by converting to islam but ofcorse that's his decision to make and if he considers islam to be his religion than that should be because of whats in his heart and not because we're telling him that he should and in the end all we'll care about is ourselves and going to heaven in the day of resurrection.I wish him all the best and hopefully he will make a wise decision and go with his heart.
#23 rororo 2014-09-19 10:41
my fellow human... please, don't argue and fight with ourself anymore...
#22 JEAN 2014-09-17 13:38
Well, "they have 4000 mosques all over the city", he sounds like he is shopping for a bank with convenient ATM locations, what a brainless twit.
#21 M Aijaj Ahamed 2014-08-07 07:07
its just amazing for me.Alhamdulilla h, it is the truth..... but its not, dua for him. may Allah guide him.
#20 muhammed fouzan kv 2014-08-03 12:54
dear brothers if he reverts to islam alhamdulillah and if he does't. he have his way and we have ours
#19 JustBeAMuslim 2014-07-10 11:29
"Anything is possible for Allah Subhannah wa Ta'ala, God Almighty! Whoever Allah guides, none can lead astray and whoever Allah allows to go astray because he does not seek any guidance, none can Guide"

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