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Fake Quran Author Exposed
anis sharrosh1
Fake Quran by Anis Shorrosh!
ISLAM NEWSROOM UPDATE: Sunday, March 29, 2015 - Update: Documents Missing on Gov. Website
Remember the story we first ran on this subject back in 2009?
DAPHNE, (Chicago), IL. - Arab Christian Caught - Fabricating A False Muslim Quran - His 'Furqan'
He's in the news (again). For years certain people claimed the U.S. government was behind a "Fake Quran" and imposing it on the Muslims - ALL LIES! NOT TRUE!
The old "Debate Partner" of Ahmed Deedat and Dr. Jamal Badawi - Anis Shorrosh - He's in Jail Now - For Arson (he set fire to his tax records in under his apartment and tried to make it look like Muslims did it).

Get the Facts:

Anis Shorrosh part of a small, private evangelical Christian group in the United States - wrote a book titled The True Furqan - They wanted to convert Muslims to their twisted version of Christianity!

The U.S. Gov. website says - this group has no connection with the U.S. government - which has posted the whole story on the U.S. Government website!

Fake Quran?
Lies about U.S. Government's involvement?
What's going on?
Who would do this?
Anis Shorrosh_jailed

His name? - Anis Shorrosh, Christian Missionary and author of "Fake Quran"

Remember Anish Shorrosh? The one who debated against Ahmad Deedat while wearing Muslim Arab clothes?

Get the real facts about the "Real Quran" and the "Fake Furqan"

The Allegations

Shorrosh is likely behind claims that the United States is "forcing Muslims to renounce the Quran and adopt the book Al Furqan al-Haqq (The True Quran)," according to a July 2, 2004 Internet report by the Palestinian Information Center
(Note: for some reason, their website stopped working(?) http://www.palestine-info.net/)

They claim:

  • The first edition of The True Quran was published secretly in the United States and Israel.
  • The True Quran was drafted with direct Israeli participation and with direct instructions from U.S. President George Bush.
    More Lies!

  • Twelve more books will be published as part of The True Quran series.
  • All Lies!

True Facts

  • Anis Shorrosh confessed - he is the source of this translated work in Arabic language.
    Shorrosh, attempted to make a name for himself by debating with the late Ahmed Deedat about the Bible and Quran now openly admits, he is the man behind this man-made fabrication that he calls "The True Furqan".

  • "It was written in Arabic and translated into English by evangelical Christian Arabs" says Shorrosh.

  • He also states, The True Furqan is an attempt by evangelical Christian Arabs to convert Muslims to Christianity, and he describes it as "a tool to evangelize Muslims."

  • Shorrosh claimed the book is "similar to the Quran -- but contains the gospel message."


Video on TUBE ISLAM.com Anis Shorrosh ARRESTED

In another unrelated story, Shorrosh has been arrested for setting fire to his own home while claiming "Radical Muslims" are out to get him.
More on this story: www.TubeIslam.com/view_video.php?viewkey=c30ed03e42ce2c069566

Related story and proof of documents removed - www.IslamNewsroom.com/news-we-need/519

Try it and see (it's changed to anti-semitic story) http://usinfo.state.gov/media/Archive/2005/Apr/21-987519.html

Want to learn about the "Real Quran"? AllahsQuran.com

Translation of the Meanings of Quran? www.Qtafsir.com

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#5 Mohammad Hamam 2015-10-06 00:55
Assalamu Alaykum,
I don't agree with brother Khalidstand4tru th. For we, as Muslims, are forbidden to curse anyone, regardless of their views or faith. Rather, pray to Allah to guide him. This way, Muslims will benefit from him being added to our side, Insha'Allah.
Assalamu Alaykum
#4 Mat 2015-09-03 03:19
May Allah guides him to the right path.
#3 Khalidstand4truth 2015-04-05 23:47
May the curse of ALLAH up on him
#2 cupcake 2014-07-04 10:31
some people just don't like to hear the truth. they will do anything to steer others away from the truth.
let him stay in jail where he belongs.
no will convert to Christianity except for a fool!
don't co-operate with missionaries either.
#1 sk 2012-11-19 17:15
does shorrosh know that lying is not allowed. maybe he should read the ten commandments. little does he know that no one could ever come close imitating the book of allah. shorrosh is another one who wants to control everyone like pastor terry jones. get a life!

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