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Truth About REAL Islam


Topic Answers to Questions about Islam & Muslims

Where can we get true and simple answers to our questions about Islam - in plain, simple English?
We are tired of waiting and want to know how to find answers for ourselves -

Thank you - May Allah Reward you.

Teacher - Yusuf Estes

Good question - and it is about time someone provided us with the proper answer.

We have developed a number of websites with different "KEY WORDS" in the actual name of each site. This means the "search engines" (like Google) can find these websites when someone is looking for a certain topic or subject.

All you have to do is go to our site: - then type in your KEY WORDS

Example "Ayesha" + "marriage" will get you a list of articles explaining the truth about her age and the marriage to the prophet, peace be upon him.

Or use "wives" or "women" - watch what you get!

Idea visit our website:

Look for answers there - and leave your question for us if you don't locate what you're after.

Research And for a real nice, big website with lots and lots of good, detailed answers: or more:
Well? Why wait? Go for it - >

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#4 You find answers for anything almost about Islam 2011-10-04 04:43
many people are using this search site to find out the correct Islam in English.
#3 abu mariam 2011-10-04 04:33
great comments guys. This shows Muslims are finally getting somewhere. Al Hamdulillah
#2 abu aymen adilali 2011-05-09 22:44
Jazzakalah, Sheikh may Allah reward u for the good and blessed deeds u are doing its hard in this age to have a teacher and brother and father as our brother Sheikh Yusuf. We all have to hold on to the rope of Allah and that we should not be divided.Islamne ws room is like a watch tower to know what is happening in the UMMAH.
#1 canada 2010-12-07 09:51
zazak Allah. honestly speaking,islamQ website is the best reat website for knowing true islam.may Allah give him peace ,rewards for what he is doing.every one should spend time on this website to know prescribed sharia and about the daeef hadith and bidah.assalamua laikum.

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