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From Share Islam - "Secrets of Shahadahs"
11 Tips & 10 Points for Best Dawah to Non-Muslims

The following article by Yusuf Estes, former National Muslim Chaplain and Delegate to the United Nations World Peace Summit for Religious Leaders, provides basic insights to better understanding the differences between Christianity and Islam. He says it is very effective to share the message of true Islam, even if they attack or abuse Islam. He calls it...Secrets of Shahadahs

Shahadah secrets_tips_points

Shahadah secrets_pt1_11tips

Part 1
Real Dawah The Right Way & 11 Tips in Dawah

Tip #1 - Listen carefully to what they are saying, regardless of how much you might not like the way they are saying it. Be patient and let them finish. Do not show emotion or give the impression you are angry. This is not the way of the true dawah in Islam. Instead, you say to them, "Thank you..."

Your first words to them after their abusive attack should be to totally disarm them and make them immediately understand you are not upset with them for asking. In fact, you are quite well prepared to handle whatever misunderstanding or misconception they may have.

This is the best way to reply whenever they try to insult Islam with abusive questions like, "How come you Moslems hate Christians?"

Our belief is, the best way to handle the problems of presenting Islam and putting an end to the abusive attitudes of people from other religions, is to follow the way of Muhammad, peace be upon him, and stop following the ways of the enemies of Islam. This was his way and we try to follow it.

"Thank you for asking me about my religion!.." Imagine their faces when you come back with something very polite and simple. You continue, "You have an interesting question concerning Islam and I congratulate you for seeking correct knowledge about our faith".

Tip #2 - Now you make a statement that usually commits your listener to stay for the answers, "From your question, it seems you really would like to know the real truth about Islam and as a Muslim, it's my duty to share the message of worshipping God as One God, Alone and without any partners."

Tip #3 - Now say, "Islam is not what some Muslims do.. Islam is what all Muslims are supposed to do."

Tip #4 - Do not debate or argue. This is against what Allah teaches us in Quran and not what our prophet, peace be upon him taught us. I advise myself and all of us to stop looking for 'loop-holes' in other religions and not to debate with them if it is not necessary. Actually that is a very poor approach if you really want to help others learn the beauty of Islam.

Now here are some more important "Tips & Points" to keep in mind:

Tip #5 - Muslims cannot lie about anything, especially about our religion. As simple as this sounds, it is something I have found to be important to mention to people in giving dawah. Islam insists on the truth even when it is against us.

Tip #6 - Don't be shy or hesitant to bring the proofs of Islam. Our sources aer authentic and still available today in original Arabic language. This is most unique to Islam and not available in other ancient religions.

Tip #7 - Listen closely to what the other person is saying and qualify it against what they really mean. Example: "son of god" may not mean the same to all Christians and may even be a good way to open up the dialog of the Unity of God and how He could not really have a "son" as this would imply many strange things.

Tip #8 - Keep in mind sometimes questions contain statements that are false and should not be treated as questions until the falsehood is removed.

Example: "Is your mother out of jail, yet?" This cannot be answered with "Yes" or "No" because either way it implies that your mother is or has been in jail and this is not true.

Tip #9 - Very important - Don't try to be funny, cute or sarcastic. This is distracting and not appropriate.

Tip #10 - Keep your attention focused on what the person is saying. Watch for positive feed back. Very often while giving the answer, we hear the person we are talking to saying something like, "I didn't know that." Or they might say, "This is all new to me and actually sounds pretty nice."

Tip #11 - Stay alert and when this occurs you can ask them, "Are you ready to rethink your position?" Or maybe something like, "Islam is all about worship to your Creator, as One God and One Lord. Are you ready to worship your God and your Lord without any partners?"

After all, isn't this what Islam is really all about? The most important subject is the worship of Almighty God, without any partners or associates or gods besides Almighty God.

Full Article -- Here is something I wrote a few years ago on this topic:

shahadah success_dawah_for_abuse

Successful Dawah to Non-Muslims - Even While They Attack & Abuse

First, be sure you know and understand what it is the person means and what they are referring to in their accusations. It does no good to present a perfect case for the wrong argument. If they are talking about the acceptable age of marriage for girls in Islam, there is no benefit to go into a long talk about why a man can have up to four wives, while a woman many not marry more than one husband at a time. That is just not the subject and you should never go off into other areas of discussion, while leaving the person thinking you are afraid to get into the topic or don't know the answer.

Be sure you have at least the basic knowledge and understanding of the issue the person is talking about and what the position of the Shari'ah is, based on the Arabic of the Quran and the hadeeth. Otherwise, it is not permissible for you to continue.

study Islam and then consider different ways of presenting a proper response to share the perspective or position Islam has on the particular topic.

Study Islam and then consider different ways of presenting perfect arguments to properly share the message of Islam. By following the teachings of the prophet, peace be upon him, we have been able to help many people entering into Islam, by the permission of Allah. The very people who were attacking Islam listened and understood the message of worshipping only One God and they became callers to Islam themselves. This is true in my case and many of my friends and even some of my relatives. This does not come easy and it is not by accident.

Begin with the word "dawah" and find out what it really means. Dawah is a word in Arabic that means to invite or call to something. This is a very important part of being a Muslim and yet, it can seem to be somewhat difficult at times. However, even in today's situation and with all the negativity against Islam, Allah, the Quran and our Prophet, peace be upon him, it is still simple. Just let them know two basic concepts from Islam:

    1. Who is Allah
    2. What is the proper relationship to Allah

Sound too easy?

Fact is we are only supposed to be calling to the correct understanding of "Laa elaha illallah, Mohammedan Rasoolullah." The meaning is clear in Arabic, but does take some explaining in English. Yet it is not impossible. The fact is that sharing Islam is a very simple concept. The difficulty comes in when you are trying to communicate the idea to others, especially when they have already been predisposed to believe in something else and to believe that Islam is something bad.

You are on a special mission to deliver a message of inviting people to worship Allah according to the way that He wants to be worshipped. You are to call them to know the truth and how to follow it. You do this with both your kind words and correct actions.

Points to Remember:

WORDS: Your words can come from teachers or speeches or in lectures, sermons, books, tapes and dialogs. These words help people to understand the truth of Islam.

ACTIONS: Your actions are observed by others through your behavior and manners. You become the role model for what Islam is all about.

EXAMPLE OF THE PROPHET: Both methods (dawah by words and actions) were used by the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) when delivering the message of Islam. He was the perfect example of what he was calling the people to do. Ayesah, may Allah be pleased with her, said that if you would like to see a living example of the Quran walking, then simply look to Muhammad, peace be upon him. His life was the best example of the noble teachings and principles set forth in the Quran.

WAY TO ALLAH: Muslims are supposed to advise everyone by using a gentle and simple approach to attract the hungry souls to the Way of Allah. For sure today more than ever, people need to know about Islam and be able to put it into practice. We all need an example to follow.

THE WAY OF DAWAH: Actually, the problem is not so much calling or inviting to people to the message of Islam, as it is the way that we go about it. The way that we present ourselves and the message is most important and unfortunately, something that many of the Muslims are not taking into consideration these days.

NEGATIVE DAWAH: Some have actually ruined the image of dawah due to the rigid methods, mistakes and misunderstandings they are applying. This gives a very negative impression about Islam and the Muslims in general. Considering all of the detraction and negative media against Islam and Muslims occuring in these days, it is vital that we approach our dawah with wisdom, kind invitation and logical discussions.

DEBATING: One example of negative dawah is the false concept that so many Muslims have today about debating the Christians about their Bible. This is very incorrect and not a part of the teachings of the Quran or the way of Muhammad, peace be upon him. While there are a number of things that we might be able to share with them about what we believe that is similar to what they might find in their Book, it is not correct to try to attack their Book, their beliefs nor their understandings. A wise man once said, Debates bring a lot of heat, but not very much light. Leave the idea of debating and do not attend any functions where these types of activities are taking place. Pray for the Muslims to wake up to the dangers of this as a tool for dawah before it is too late.

WEB PAGES FOR DAWAH: Using the internet to learn and share Islam can be very beneficial. But it has very big problems, sometimes it has more problems than advantages. All too often we find websites attacking and abusing Islam and the teachings of Quran and our prophet, peace be upon him. The real problem is from Muslims themselves who either don't know the proper way of dawah or are very misguided and are saying all the wrong things. There are some very good websites on the internet.

Now let us suggest some of the webpages we have found most effective in helping people come to Islam. We have had many emails and personal contacts confirming the positive presentation and acceptance of Islam after reading them. [all links are clickable to our sites]

First let us begin with (audio PowerPoint presentation) You may download, copy, make your own CDs and share as you like. Please do not change or mix our work with others.

When we are going to talk with folks about Islam, we should first begin with the word itself. Let people know that there is a difference between the word Islam and what some people are doing. Visit our page on this subject of the explanation of words before you try to discuss Islam with anyone:

ISLAM - Explain to them that Islam can be understood both, as a verb (action) and as a noun (a thing). As a noun, it is the name of the religion that was completed by Allah for all human beings 1,400 years ago. This message came with Muhammad, peace be upon him, in the Arabic language. However, it was also the Way (as a verb) for all prophets, peace be upon them all, before Muhammad, peace be upon him.

Islam comes from Aslama and it means:
Surrender, Submission, Obedience, Sincerity & Peace - (with Allah)

Now, explain to them that the word Muslim comes from the word Islam itself. Arabic uses a prefix to the verb instead of a suffix to show the one who is doing the action.
So instead of being an Islam-er we are Mu-slims

Remember: K.I.S.S.
(Keep It So Simple)

Next you might logically break down the word Allah and let them know what it comes from and how it is the perfect word to describe and represent the Lord of the Worlds, The Only Creator and Sustainer of the universe.

Allah comes from the root elah and the plural is aliha. When the article the is placed in front of elah in Arabic, it becomes Al-lah. In this state the word can no longer be made plural, nor can it be associated with gender. That is to say, that Allah can actually be used to represent the meaning of One only to be worshipped, never plural, always singular and never man nor woman.

Quran is another word that you might explain to them. Let them understand that the meaning of the word Quran is recital. It is documented in book form and it is actually alive today in the hearts of over nine million (9,000,000) Muslims around the world. This is a real miracle. There is no other book like it. No book can compare to it and no other major religion today has their original preserved in the original language by so many followers of the religion.

Ask Them - Now it is your turn to ask them some questions.

For example, you ask the person, "Did you know…
* there are over one and half billion Muslims living in the world today?

* Almost 90 percent of Muslims are NOT Arab? Fact is, the largest number of Muslims today are in Indonesia."

* Islam is the fastest growing religion here in the west for the last 20 years?

* More than 20,000,000 (TWENTY MILLION) Muslims memorize the Entire Quran. 20,000,000 + Muslims living today have memorized the entire Quran in the original Arabic language. And over 90% are not Arabs

* Did you you know? "Every Muslim in the world, over 1.5 billion of us, have all memorized portions of the Quran in Arab? And all of us desire to memorize it entirely?"

Prophethood in Islam is also an area that brings people to a better understanding of Muslims and what Islam is really about about. Let them know that as much as we love and honor and respect all of the prophets from Adam to Abraham and Moses and David, Jesus and Muhammad, peace be upon them all, we never worship them. As a matter of fact, that is where people begin to go the wrong way, by over praising something or someone in the creation. All praise and worship is due to Allah, alone.

You might like to read and share the messages about Muhammad, peace be upon him, and Jesus, peace be upon him, from the Muslim perspective. You could print these pages out and share them or ask them to visit the links online if they can.

Muhammad - Jesus

Human Rights is a favorite of mine to talk about. And then rights in general in Islam. Of course it is Allah, who has the first and most exclusive right, that of being worshipped alone without any partners.

Women's rights There are areas to discuss and in particular of great interest today, is the rights of women. Also, you could mention that today more than ever before, women are coming into Islam in greater numbers than men. This is a fact.

There are many areas to open up the dialog, but always keep in mind that the message is to call people to worship Allah, Alone without any partners. You will learn more as you give more dawah.


Secrets of Shahadahs
Part 2 -Dawah Under Fire

Ten Points to Share True Islam

Make the clear distinction between what Islam teaches and what some Muslims do. Ask them to consider some of the bad people in history who were supposed to be Christians, yet what they did does not represent the Christians or Jesus.

And it is worth saying again and again --

Islam is not what some Muslims do --

Follow along on these important points to learn the best way to deal with the harsh attacks coming at the Muslims everyday. We must adopt gentleness and politeness in presenting our arguments. Allah Almighty addresses His Prophet, saying:

Invite (all) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: for thy Lord knows best, who have strayed from His Path, and who receive guidance.(An-Nahl: 125)

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is reported to have said:
Indeed, gentleness adds more beauty to the atmosphere it reposes therein.

Important Points:

Point #1 - Introduce the logic of Aqeedah (correct belief in Allah as the Only One God, Creator, Sustainer and Owner and Ruler of the universe). Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, sent Mu'ath ibn Jabal to Yemen to be the governor and instructed him to, "Teach them At-Tawheed (monotheism of Islam, there is no god to worship except One God and there are no gods beside him). Then if they accept that, teach them the salat (regular ritualistic devotionals often called "prayers"), and if they accept that teach them Zakat (charity tax, 2.5% to the poor) and if they accept that teach them fasting (the month of Ramadhan)."

So, even before we discuss salat, zakat or fasting, we must introduce the belief of "No god except Allah"

Point #2 - Islam has the proof for everything that it teaches. Authentic and original sources are still available today in the original Arabic language, both in written form and in the recitation and memorization just as it was 1,400 years ago.

Point #3 - Introduce Allahs and explain, "It is preserved totally today just as it was 14 centuries ago, in the hearts and minds of over 10 million people walking on the earth today." Or, "It is the only book on earth, that if we lost all the books on earth, we could bring it back exactly, word for word, letter for letter and dot for dot, just as it was during the time of Muhammad, peace be upon him.

Point #4 - Bring up the subject of the hadeeth of the our prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and tell them, "More has been accurately narrated and preserved from Muhammad, peace be upon him, than any other living human on earth." Or, "He has been selected as the number one of "The 100 Most Influential Men in History" by Michael H. Hart." Or, "Many famous people have learned the truth about Muhammad, peace be upon him, and have confirmed him to be a true prophet of God.

Point #5 - Take special care in offer your answers. Keep your replies simple and to the point. Do not wander from subject to subject while answering a question.

Point #6 - Patience is an important part of the character of the Muslim and that you must not become angry or outraged at what people say to you or by the questions that they are asking. If you feel that it is too much for you to deal with, then simply walk away.

Point #7 - Stay away from is the so-called miracles about Quran and Islam that are not mentioned in the Quran or in the Sunnah of the prophet, peace be upon him. One example of the idea of some trees in Germany that are twisted around to spell, Laa elaha illa lah, Muhammad rasulullah. This is not true. The picture is a fake and anyone can easily prove this is not real. So where would you be if you had insisted that this was a proof that Islam is the right religion?

Other fake miracles include; a fish with Allah written on it; a tree bent toward Makkah in prayer; a pumpkin with Bismillah Rahman Raheem on it.

Please verify this by visiting our website page on these stories at:

Point #8 - Another area to avoid is the misconception about the miracle of numbers in the Quran.

The stories are many and all of them are false. The entire Quran itself is the 'Miracle' and this is well established amongst scholars for 14 centuries. But, there is no miracle of 19 in the Quran.
This not about the numbers of words in the Quran or the occurrence of equal numbers of opposite words at all. For instance, the word day and night 365 times (the Muslim calendar is 354 days anyway); the words angel and devil do not occur the same number of times; and all of the mathematical equations mentioned about the earth and the water are worthless to someone who is trying to understand about Allah and Islam.
So please stop this propaganda and waste of time. (Also DO NOT FORWARD these messages to everyone on your list)

That is NOT dawah. That is a waste of time and energy. The fact is, that this will turn people away from the truth and destroy the pure message of Islam.

Point #9 - Use reason, logic while being gentle. Actually, what is needed most right now, in making dawah, is correct knowledge, gentleness and wisdom. The reason for this is to dispel all the superstitions and lies spread against Islam. All this needs wisdom, patience and perseverance, and such polite methods brings quick results and has rapid effect on the audience.

Consider the wife of Abu Sufyan, Hind and her saying to Muhammad, peace be upon him, after she came to Islam. She said, "I never wanted to see anyone on the face of the earth to be put down more than you and your family. But now, I do not see anyone on the face of the earth more honored than you and your family."

This is a clear example of the prophet's effect on people's hearts and minds through his behavior and manners. Callers to Islam must follow this great example in their efforts to share the message of Islam instead of turning them away.

Point #10 - Always consider your audience and who it is that you are speaking to. If the people are not familiar with the Arabic language, then there is no real need to speak Arabic or make all of your quotes in Arabic and then try to translate everything to English. This is silly and could turn people away.

Remember to keep everything on their level and not try to talk above them or talk down to them.

Finally, we know that you cannot guide anyone to Islam. There is not compulsion in religion. We just plant seeds in the day and then water them in the night (with our tears in the late night prayers, asking Allah to guide these people).

DO NOT WASTE TIME & MONEY making up pamphlets, flyers, websites, chats, blogs or new pages on the web! Just join us & we'll share together.

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Allah is the All Knower and any good in this course is from Allah and any mistakes are from myself. May Allah Guide us all, ameen.

Peace - Salam alaykum,
Yusuf Estes

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Assalaamu alaikum

In the above artcile you write "Quran is not a book "
Should this not be changed to "Quran is not JUST a book"
This would avoid any ambiguity in your statement.
#16 Yusuf Estes 2012-12-28 23:34
Al Hamdulillah. We have now made a full website to help you quickly give the dawah to anyone - And it's all Free
Use & share with all.
Also: to test your answers - find answers quick - comments by you & others (like this)
#15 Thabit ibn Harold 2012-08-12 18:37
Asalaam alaikum
I said shahadah on 12 August 2003 and am muslim 9 years yesterday This was a nice article , I wish all the best for Sheik Yussef Estes . I have been living in Morocco 2 years now and living where most people are muslims has been great Masalaama
#14 Afroz khan 2012-08-11 02:32
Masha Allah I Learned a lot from the above Article.

May Allah bless all of us.
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I tried it! It works!
Thank Allah and share Islam.
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assalamualaiiku m
Amazing tips,this will help me more to do da-wa.i will correct my mistakes isnsha allah and proud to hear that major things was good in me what i was doing before!! masha allah
i am just a student...
Br.Yusuf Estes - spread islam and keep giving tips for us,jazakallahu khair,may allah bless us
amzaing tips and points ....

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Mash ALLAH very nice! Love this article Sheikh Estes. One can tell it was written by someone wise and knowledgable.
#10 Ms Mariam 2012-02-28 21:11
Remember what Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him and us said to Ali when sending him on a mission:"If a single man is led on the right path(of Islam) by Allah through you, then that will be sufficient to make you enter paradise". Inshallah we will succeed in everything in this life and meet you all there, amen!!!
#9 Ms Mariam, Qatar 2012-02-28 20:39
Jazakum Allah khair! Another crucial point to consider is never start by first mentioning that non-Muslims will go to hell. This issue could strongly turn them away.
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Great tips and excellent points - When is the dawah workshop? Tell me where and when - PLEASE

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