Future Religon of the World: ISLAM?

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Islam, Jewish, Christian, Hindu?

Ancient Religions Influence World Leaders?

ISLAM NEWSROOM UPDATE - Friday, March 20, 2015

What Religion Is the Reality of Tomorrow's Religious Future - ISLAM ?

"Islam in all its splendor, may once again, take the dominant position of monotheism in tomorrow's world."
- according to statistics?

What's Islam got to do with modern science, technology and governments?


This is the conclusion of several "experts" after studying historical, religious and geographical reports and then applying simple probabilities. "Consider," they say, "given historical evidences and bringing into the equation today's circumstances world-wide, there can no doubt be a serious possibility of Islam becoming the dominant world religion for the masses."


Although it is unlikely whether Muslims would do much about it, there is some very relative and impressive statistical information regarding modern day trends amongst our planet's population regarding religion. Should they decide to leave off fighting and killing each other, the Muslims might just discover the very unique position for the religion of Islam the planet's future. Muslims could find their religion of Islam to be well-positioned to become the dominant world religion of tomorrow.


Look to the facts; Judaism is for all practical purposes, out of the running entirely as a world leader, due to the ethnic structure of their faith. Basically, you can not really "join" Judaism; you are either born a Jew or you are not. In this regard Christianity and Islam are both far more competitive in that both proselytize and actively encourage and welcome new converts to their respective faiths.


As Judaism is disqualified due to the lack of increased membership, so too, is Christianity falling behind in population numbers due in part to a lower birth rate than that of the Muslims on a world wide scale. Statistics indicate the population of followers of Christianity to pale in comparison to the number of new births to followers within the monotheistic faiths. This is where Islam begins to move ahead in the race for world domination as tomorrow's leader in monotheism.


Christianity suffers from a large number of next generation drop outs, who simply no longer care about religion at all and are far more concerned about education, careers and getting ahead in today's world, while choosing to have more open relationships not requiring marriage or committments. Muslims, at the same time, are more dedicated to participation in worship, marriage and having children.


The next consideration for a faith of tomorrow would be the rational of belief and compatibility with testable evidences in today's scientific and highly technological society. Concepts, beliefs and notions would necessarily need to come into some area of reality and be at least somewhat practical in application.


Converts to Islam are swapping their crosses for Qurans in alarming numbers for a number of reasons, all pertaining to the ideological offerings of the faith itself. Consider if you will, the number of scientists and professors in various fields of knowledge and disciplines facing serious problematic errors in their former theories regarding evolution, big bang and survival of the fittest" concepts. These can no longer be taken serious in light of the latest technologies and discoveries in today's world.


DNA testing, studies related to chromozones and stem cell research have forced atheist scientists to concede, as one might reluctantly admit:
"In light of recent discoveries and lack of any other scientific evidences it would seem that at least certain species of life have no pre-existing form or status to have evolved from. Therefore, we would have to concede, at least in some instances, there appears to be some source of intellegent design."


"Intelligent Design"? According to some modern day scholars of Islam, this is exactly what was mentioned within the teachings of their religion (Islam) over 14 centuries ago. Is this possible? Is it likely? Could there exist a "Real God"? One who created all things? Well, this is not a new concept to the monotheists of Judaism or Christianity, as they have always asserted their belief in the Creator God, Sustainer Lord, as the One God. After all, that is what makes them a monotheistic faith, isn't it?


What Islam is offering, if you choose to go along with the Muslim scientists, is that all of what we are discovering and coming up with in the most highly advanced and sophisticated laboratories on earth, is that all of this was mentioned in the teachings of their Quran and sayings of Mohamed. Hard to believe?

Yeah - Maybe that's why we need more proof (keep reading...)

All the same, check out the claims about science, Islam and today's take on all of this at: www.scienceislam.com


Next point for advancement of Islam over Christianity comes in the concepts of worship. The deity of Christianity for most of today's churches centers upon someone who was a human being (at least part of him?), Jesus of Nazareth. Mohamed, on the other hand, is not treated as God or part of God. Rather, Mohamed is seen by the Muslims as a simple, humble and even illerate personality, who just happened to be a "messenger of God".


Amazingly enough, Muslims subscribe to the "miracle-birth" story of Jesus and even insist he is with God for the time being and will definitely return in the last days, a statment that should appeal to many followers of the Bible. However, both Jesus and Mohamed are seen as mortal men, remarkable in many ways, but still fallible and human prophets or messengers of God.


Muslims identify Muhammad, peace be upon him, as the best example for mankind, the "mercy to the world" but at the same time, he was a man who was born, lived a simple life, married, had children and died, like the rest of us. This concept appeals much more to today's youth, than the idea of a super man-god going who could walk on water, bring dead back to life but couldn't avoid his own crucifiction and disgraceful death at the hands of disbelievers.


Strangely enough this whole scenario suddenly turns out to be the "key" to paradise, by letting everybody's sins go back to Jesus, This is so, simply by uttering a statement confirming he is God's son, and part of God and he died. But then he didn't really die because he came back and told people all about it. One of the more obvious problems arising from the whole story is when the Bible has Jesus praying to God before he is captured, to "Let this cup pass from me, but even so, your Will be done" indicating he definitely doesn't want this to take place.


But then his prayer is not answered and the cup doesn't pass from him (meaning he didn't get what he asked for). So, according to one drop-out from the Christian faith, "If God didn't accept the prayers of Jesus, then what makes me think He will accept my prayers?" Hmmm - Good question, huh?


Christianity needed to be flexible and rethink its position on many things over the centuries, and has done a pretty good job of adapting to new situations and new lands it has conquered (like South America, changing Jesus birthday from December 25 to January 6 to bring more of the pagans to Jesus - see: Feast of the Epiphany).
Islam, on the other hand does not need to make such adjustments, claim the Muslims, because it is from God and God does not make mistakes. A bold claim, but one that seems to offer proofs that even modern day scientists are finding difficult to disprove.

Check out: www.ScienceIslam.com (videos from nine scientists)


The modern concept today regarding religion is seen as an attempt to somehow recognize God and worship Him. This seems to fit right along with Islam's presentation, far over that of Christianity's. Muhammad, peace be upon him, is seen as someone simply bringing a message of worshipping God as One. No complex answers required on this one. Trinity is denounced in the Quran and Jesus is elevated to the level of miracle-worker, prophet, Messiah (Christ), word of God, but still a man and not part of a three-way personality split in the cosmos (trinity).


Humans, and not God, are the problem - according to the Quran of Islam. Humans are born in a natural condition of submission and peace to the will of the Creator (God) and it is their upbringing and surroundings that will determine their belief and practices. Sounds like a modern day social worker or youth councelor, doesn't it?


Islam claims things will go all right for folks here in this life and in the Next life, if they will just follow a few common sense rules:

1. Worship God as One Lord (there is no option on number one)
2. Treat your parents and fellow men (and women) with high respect and dignity (as ye would have them treat you?)
3. As one young Muslim put it, "Get educated, get a job, get a wife and get a life."


Oh yes, and one more thing, "When you do mess up, be sure to say you are sorry and try to make up for it, repent and ask God to forgive you - then don't do it anymore" says another follower of Islam.


Christianity is loosing on yet another side these days - too many are just giving up and leaving the faith altogether. Says one gentelman in Sweden, "We were the last to accept Christianity (Sweden) and the first to reject it."


Furthermore, a modern Islam can exist side-by-side with a modern understanding of a mortal Jesus. Islam recognizes belief in Jesus, peace be upon him, as a man and a prophet. People in historically Christian cultures do not have to give up Jesus, the Golden Rule, Christmas, or even the virgin birth to accept Islam. (Easter is a little tricky)


Old Testament classics, such as the Ten Commandments, Adam and Eve, Jonah in the whale, Moses and the ark, Sodom and Gomorah, etc., are compatible with or part of Islam.


Throw in a higher birth rate among Muslims than among Christians, and the decline of faith in historically Christian nations - like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France and so many others, and it’s not hard to imagine Islam as tomorrow’s dominant monotheism.

All this is provided, of course, that Muslims stop killing themselves and each other.

- "A View of Religion Tomorrow" (found online)

More? www.WhatsIslam.com and www.GodAllah.com
And www.scienceislam.com also www.LinksToIslam.com
Remember the kids - www.YouTubeIslam.com
Women? www.IslamsWomen.com/index.php

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Excellent well explained Beauty of Islam Fine Teaching & Perfect religion or call it instructions to follow from God for all humanity to live with Justice and in Peace and reward guaranteed eternal happiness in Paradise!
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jesus will return to the earth as just ruler who will rule according to the teachings of the islam. most people will believe in him. therefore islam will be the dominant religion.
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very good infomation
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We really need to get ourselves together and stop fighting eachother

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