"UN Meeting Cancelled"

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UN Meeting Canceled by Knesset SMAnd,"Not White Washing Guterres"

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UN Meeting Canceled by Knesset

"UN MEETING CANCELLED" Knesset Speaker Cancels UN Meeting
Says, "UN Chief is a 'Lost Cause'"

"He keeps criticizing  Israel", says Amir Ohana, in his excuse for cancelling a meeting with Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General.

He continued saying, "Guterres is a 'Lost Cause'". (Guterres wants an end to the bombing and genocide on the people of Gaza, and said so.)

Guterres said Thursday, "Israel has obligations under international law not to harm civilians, even if Hamas uses them as human shields" — a practice the UN chief also condemns. 

Ohana said, "Guterres is a 'LOST CAUSE''. He also said, "I'll not whitewash Guterres”. This in reference to Guterres' statement, “Hamas’s October 7th attack on Israel wasn't in a vacuum”.

The comments enraged Israeli officials so much, they called for the UN General Secretary to resign. Later Guterres said he was misunderstood and he "Condemns Hama's Attack on Israel".


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