Gaza's 'Little Hope'

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When's the Help? Where's Our Hope?
Gaza starving

Islam Newsroom Update / Gaza in "Final Stages"

This report says there is a strong risk of famine “increasing daily", and the blame is on "not enough aid" getting into Gaza.

Chief economist for UN World Food Program says he never saw something like this scale happening in Gaza at this speed.

Israel is saying it’s in the final stages of Clearing Out the militants from north Gaza, but months more of fighting and bombing lay ahead for the south.

Nearly 20,000 Palestinians are left dead, with 1.9 million (80% of Gaza) residents homeless - driven from their homes, and many crammed into UN shelters.

Gaza starving

Gaza’s health sector has nearly collapsed. 9 of the 36 facilities for health are only partly operating, only in the south, says World Health Organization.  Relief workers site “unbearable” scenes in the only two hospitals left in northern Gaza. Patients laying there with open wounds untreated, crying out for water, a few doctors and nurses left have no supplies, and dead bodies are lining the outside yard.

Bombs and attacks continue, day and night - no internet, no communications - all knocked out by Israel forces days ago.

But there’s still hope for return of some beginning soon.

They believers never give up!

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