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INR Muhammad Wins vote#1 Choice Is MUHAMMAD peace be upon him


It's Official - Muhammad (p) Wins!

All Muslims, everywhere choose Muhammad, peace be upon him, as their leader, role model and example for life.

This is 1/4 of total world's population (and GROWING EVERY DAY).

You can WIN TOO! Just say these words "Ash-Hadu An-Laa elaha illah Allah. Wa Ash-hadu anaMuhammad ar-Rasoolullah"

(I bear witness, there is no god to worship, except Allah. And I bear witness, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah)


Submission - To ALLAH

"But no, by your Lord, they can have no Faith, until they make you (Muhammad, peace be upon him) as a judge in all disputes between them, and find no resistance against your decisions, and accept (the decisions) with full submission."
[Holy Quran 4:65]

Total submission is required after the surrender and some terms have to be set forth by Allah to be understood by the Muslim. There can be no option in the matter as Allah says in another verse,
"It is not fitting for the believing man nor for the believing woman, that whenever Allah and His Messenger have decided any matter, that they should have any other opinion." 
[Holy Quran 33:36]

Whatever Allah and His Messenger have set out as being the Way of Islam is incumbent on the believer, man or woman to follow completely. One must consciously and conscientiously give oneself to the service of Allah.

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Obedience - To Muhammad

"And obey Allah and His Messenger."
[Holy Quran 3:132]

"O you who believe! Obey Allah and His Messenger and those of you who are in authority. If you differ in anything amongst yourselves, refer it to Allah and His Messenger, if you believe in Allah and in the Last Day. That is better and more suitable for final determination." [Holy Quran 4:59]

"He who obeys the Messenger has indeed obeyed Allah, but he who turns away, then we have not sent you as a watcher over them."
[Holy Quran 4:80]

This means to act on what Allah enjoins all of us to do (in the Qur'an) and what His beloved Prophet, Muhammad (pbuh) encouraged us to do in his Sunnah (his lifestyle and sayings personifying the Qur'an). 
After surrendering your free will to Allah and then ratifying the terms and conditions of the surrender, it is obligatory for the Muslim to live up to his terms of the bargain. It is his or her responsibility to do their best to obey the orders of Allah set forth in the Holy Quran and the teachings of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him.

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Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) regarding all faiths, he said:

"No Jew is to be annoyed because of their Judaic faith"

Prophet Muhammad's teachings about neighbors:

"By Allah, he is not a believer!" (3 times) "Whose neighbor does not feel safe from his evil - is NOT a believer". [Bukhari and Muslim]

"He who believes in God and the Last Day should honor his guest, should not harm his neighbor, should speak good or keep quiet."[Bukhari, Muslim]

He clearly specified, a Non-Muslim neighbor should receive this excellent treatment:

"Whoever hurts a Non-Muslim citizen of a Muslim state hurts me, and he who hurts me annoys Allah." [Bukhari]

And he said, "Whoever hurts a Non-Muslim in a Muslim state, I am against him and I will be against him on the Day of a Judgment." [Bukhari]

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was so supportive of good treatment for all people, he was ready to stand alongside Non-Muslims against the Muslims - who did not follow his teachings.

This is the true justice, leading to peace and prosperity Islam brought to our world.

Muhammad's excellence of character is sought after by all true believers, as noted by many non-Muslim historians too. 

Anyone who studies the life of Muhammad, peace be upon him, will be amazed at his character and teachings.

Washington Irving wrote in his book - "In his private dealings he was just. He treated friends and strangers, the rich and the poor, the powerful and the weak, with equity and was beloved by the common people for the affability with which he received them and listened to their complaints." (Irving - "Mahomet and His Successors")

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