FaceBook to Charge for Messages (HOAX)

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ISLAM NEWSROOM - "FaceBook Blue Dot" (HOAX)

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, told us -

"It is enough for anybody who repeats everything he hears in a day, to be considered a LIAR"


So, if someone repeats just what they hear in one day - it means they are going to say something that is not true - Everyday we hear things that are not true.

What about the one who just keeps repeating everything they hear all the time - every day?



There is a message going around - FACEBOOK TO CHARGE FOR MESSAGES:

{As of Saturday morning Facebook will become chargeable. If you have at least 10 contacts send them this message.In this way we will see that you are an avid user and your logo will turn blue (blue dot) and will remain free. 

The claim here is:

 . . . if you re-send this message (copy/paste & send) to at least 10 of your contacts by Saturday morning - Facebook will not charge you .01 for any messages you send out.}

fake questionmark

F A K E !

This entire message is FAKE. TOTALLY FALSE!

Facebook did not announce any plan to charge users for access or service for anything.

This is just another FAKE story to get people upset and send out something false.

This is just another trick to play on people, with false claims about Facebook charging money to users to share information.

Bad people use tricks like this because they know it works. Shayton plays games with us to make us repeat lies and tell fake stories.

Believers should never repeat anything without first verifying where it came from and what the proof for it is.

FaceBook says on their login page:

"Free and Always Will Be"

P.S. - Facebook logo is always "blue" anyway! LOL.

fakebook downer




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