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India smog 1


indo smog 1India's Capital Experiencing 'Severe Air Quality' Problems - Under Blanket of Thick Haze

indo smog 03Pollution Levels Many Times Over Permissible Standards

Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) recorded 'severe' air quality
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Extreme Pollution Intensity

- Shared by India AND Parts of Pakistan

NASA Images Show Major Cause
indo smog NASA mapMost Smog From - (where else?)

Odd-Even Delhi Drive Days: Starts Mon 13th to Fri 17th

"Odd Even will be implemented from November 13-17. Request people and all agencies to cooperate. Exemptions will be same like last time" says Kailash Gehlot, Delhi Transport Minister.

Odd/Even Driver Restrictions

India smog 0

8AM - 8PM Enforcement
Exemptions: Women Drivers & 2 Wheel Vehicles

"The exemptions will be similar as last year and there is no need for people to panic," added Gehlot.

Gehlot also said IGL stickers for cars are available starting Thursday at most 22 CNG stations across Delhi. 

"CNG vehicles are exempt but will need to have the stickers displayed. These are available at 22 IGL stations across Delhi starting 2 pm tomorrow", said Gehlot.

He also stated, "The old stickers which were issued in the last edition of odd-even will be valid too".

The minister also urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to call a meeting of Chief Ministers of Delhi and adjoining states to find a solution to the crisis. 

500 Private Buses to Be Ordered by DTC
smog buses 4
Odd-Even Rush Time For Commuters

"Delhi Metro also promised to provide 100 small buses during this period. Schools are free to provide their buses voluntarily. However, there will be no compulsion," Gahlot said. 

Policy states licence plate numbers determine operation dates as follows:

Private vehicles allowed to operate based on licence plate's last number. Odd number plates run only on odd number days; even number plates run only on even number days.

2016 - this was enforced twice: January 1st - 15th (2017) & April 15th - 30th.

National Green Tribunal issued new directions dealing with declining air quality in Delhi and neighbouring states:

Construction bans; limited industrial activities; truck entry limits; limits on truck entries

NGT heavily scolded Delhi's government and other civic groups about this rapidly growing problem.
"No construction activity will be carried out on structures until further orders... all industrial activities in Delhi-NCR which are causing emissions will also not be allowed to carry on their functioning" till November 14, a bench headed by NGT Chairperson Justice Swatanter Kumar said. 

The highly motivated green panel also imposed a ban on the entry of diesel trucks more than ten years old saying, no vehicle from outside or within Delhi is permitted to transport any construction material.

The tribunal also instructed authorities that holding meetings, writing letters and shifting responsibility from one to the other for non-performance hardly makes any excuse for meeting "such a bad environmental emergency". 

Noting flagrant violation of the prescribed limits of PM (partical matter) 10 and PM 2.5, it has banned construction and industrial activities that cause emissions untill November 14.


NGT directed authorities & civic bodies to spray water any place the PM reaches 10 or more found to be in excess of 600 micrograms per cubic metre. 

Additionally, NGT directed authorities to implement EPCA's directions to improve ambient air quality while asking civic bodies to constitute teams to ensure no burning of waste in Delhi-NCR.

indo smog 2
What's Next?

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#3 marvin guardin 2017-11-09 11:50
i thought it was bad here but no way on this place. Dont send it here!! :-x
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OMG :cry: waht is next? earthquakes? volcanoes? this is last days folks
#1 Bart Numan 2017-11-09 11:44
well this is not surpise by thes people, what do you expect

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