Body Piercing Pokes at Faith

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That's Got To Hurt!
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What Does Islam Teach Us About This?
Do We Copy Non-Muslims?
Are Muslim Youths Going TOO FAR?

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NOTE: Allah warns us against the temptings of the shayton and one of those warning is about piercing and changing the creation of Allah.

Here is a reminder of what Allah tells us in His Book about listening to and following the inspirations of the shayton:

Surah Baqarah (the Cow) 2.168
O mankind! Eat of what is lawful and wholesome in the earth, and do not follow the footsteps of the devil. Absolutely - he is the open enemy to you.

- 2.169
For he (shayton) orders you to do what is evil and shameful, and that you should say things about Allah of which you have no knowledge.

Surah Al An'am (the cattle) 6.43
When the suffering reached them from Us (Allah), why didn't they learn humility? On the contrary their hearts became hardened, and shayton made their (sinful) acts seem attractive to them.

Surah (the Heights) 7.200
And if a false prompting from the devil (shayton) afflicts you, seek refuge in Allah; surely He is Hearing, Knowing.

- 7.201
For sure those who guard (against evil), when a visit from the devil (shayton) afflicts them they become aware, then for sure, they see.

- 7.202
And their 'brothers' increase them in error, then they don't stop.

Surah An-Nahl (the Bee) 16.063
By Allah, most certainly We sent (messengers) to nations before you, but the Shaitan made their deeds fair-seeming to them, so he is their guardian today, and they shall have a painful punishment.

Surah Al Israh (the Night Journey) 17.53
And say to My servants they should speak what is best! For sure the devil (shayton) plants dissensions among them! For sure the devil (shayton) is an open enemy to mankind.

Surah Ta Ha 20.120
But the devil (shayton) made an evil suggestion to him. He said, "O Adam! Shall I guide you to the tree of immortality and a kingdom that doesn't decay?"

And also in Surah Al Hajj (The Pilgrimage) 22.53
So that He may make what the devil (shayton) casts as a test for those in whose hearts is disease and those whose hearts are hard, and for sure, the unjust are in a great opposition,

Surah An-Nur (the Light) 24.21
O you who have faith! Do not follow the footsteps of the devil (shayton), and whoever follows the footsteps of the devil, then surely he calls you to indecency and evil; and if it wasn't for Allah's Grace upon you and His Mercy, then not one of you would have ever been pure - but Allah purifies whoever He pleases, and Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.

Surah Al Fatir (The Originator) 35.6
Surely the devil (shayton) is your enemy, so treat him as an enemy - he only invites his followers to be inmates of the burning (fire of Hell).

Surah Ya Seen 36.60
Didn't I order you, O children of Adam - that you should not serve the devil (shayton)? Certainly - he is your open enemy!

- 36.61
And that you should serve Me (Almighty God Allah), this is the right way.

- 36.62
Plain English: "But he mislead many of you. Don't you understand now?

Surah Al Fussilat (Explained in Detail) 41.36
And if an interference of the devil should cause you mischief, seek refuge in Allah; surely He is the Hearing, the Knowing.

Surah Az Zukhruf (Gold Ornaments) 43.36
And whoever turns himself away from the remembrance of the Beneficent Allah, We appoint for him a devil, so he becomes his "partner".

- 43.37
And most surely they turn them away from the path, and they think that they are guided aright:

Surah Al Mujadilah (the disputing woman) ( 58.19
The devil has gained the mastery over them, so he has made them forget the remembrance of Allah; they are the devil's party; now surely the devil's party are the losers.

- 58.20
Certainly, those who are in opposition to Allah and His Messenger; they shall be among the most destroyed.

body piercingThese verses refer to the problems most of us deal with every day. We should be on our guard against the shayton and seek refuge in Allah against loosing everything over such foolish things as disobeying Allah and His messenger in seemingly 'harmless' matters.

My advise? - Tell the person to spend more time praying and less time hanging out with people who think that poking holes in your body is OK; and spend more money on charity and less money on damaging the creation of Allah.

Perhaps you should advise the person to leave this idea for the non-Muslims who don't have anything to do with their time or their money.

Muslims around the world are suffering in so many ways, and it seems as though we could find more to do with our resources than to poke holes in our bodies and mark ourselves with tattoos.

One Example:

One young man we know about had heart problems since birth. He was born with heart defects and had open heart surgery when he was a baby (age 1 1/2).

body piercing_pokes_faith3Not too long ago, he got his tongue pierced. (authobillah)

His father was very upset, and tried to talk to him about this very foolish thing, but his son did it anyway and he refused to take out the thing out of his tongue even though it was causing some problems.

The boy couldn't eat or drink for a few days - finally he could drink, but only liquids.

Guess what?

The one who pierced him was not really a professional, and he got some type of infection from it all. After a few more days he began coughing. This increased and increased day after day.

Finally they went to the emergency room at a local hospital. Doctors recognized how close the boy was to death and immedieately put him on life support and ventilator for breathing.

He almost died. He was weeks in intensive care and some days in the hospital, and finally he survived.

But when he became well again, he showed no appreciation toward Almighty God - Allah, for saving him.

May Allah save us from being ungrateful to Him, ameen -

body piercing_pokes_faith8Answers are from Sheik Yusuf Estes, National Muslim chaplain. American born & former Christian.

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#8 well known private 2015-05-03 15:07
#7 villaboy 2012-12-14 02:15
sorry guy,about body piercing,dont ever try this,cause one day or moment you will felllng deep hate your self,ask u self for what u born,the answer is to find your creature...n follow what is a order,first step seek for Allah...god of creature univers...ask them if god exist guide me insyallah you find the way...that is best feeling only u can feelit,dont blame anybody either u born in non muslim,because 1400 year ago the prophet muhammad was finish his job bring the islam religion during time adam until today.
#6 John Conrad 2012-06-28 19:48
Body piercing, IMHO is a barbaric practice originated from a pagan tradition. My body is the only thing in this world that I can claim 100% belongs to me. It is given to me by God, as a vessel to carry my soul from the day I was born till the day I die. It is the most sacred thing to me, my holy temple. And I will NEVER desecrate this holy temple with piercings, tattoos or any kind of nonsense. Have a nice day.
#5 Ershad 2012-04-19 06:00
Hey Benson,
Come on man grow up.
Humans have not changed in the internal structure/mecha nism/build/what ever from the first man till a person being born just now.
We eat food we discharge yellowish thing.
We sleep we work.
Don't just say it is 21st century and i can survive without eating anything.
Guidance is required for everyone and the Guidance can be true Guidance only when it is from your/mine/every ones/everything s creator.
Try to know abt Islam, Allah and Muhammad.
#4 Ishack 2012-03-07 04:32
benson aint right. may u b led aright if Allah wills, ameen!
#3 benson 2012-03-07 04:07
this does not seem to be such a big problem
. if a lady (or man) wants to wear an ear ring, what do they do?
are you saying there is some commandment against his?
Come on people, this is 21at centrury lets get out of the tents and off the camels and into the city in the cars. OK?
By the wya i know you wont print this anyhow so (*^*%$$&*^ ON YOU ALL.
#2 khairul A. 2011-04-14 06:53
Body piercings, tattoos, all the toys of the modern devils. To pick up the pace, they actually have removable tattoo for kids. If only there were painless removable body piercings, every kid would like to start poking themselves here and there. Foolish celebrities always make these look cool, piercings, tattoos, braiding of the beard, all these nonsense.

One of the ways to stop them is to shame them on public forums, so that they'll know they look like a clown instead of cool. But this will need effort from the masses, not just a small group of individuals. That's how the fashion of "what's in and what's out" works, because, there are people who do the critiquing. And they actually shape the how and how not people should look like and how people should dress.

Perhaps we Muslims need our own bunch of people to critique them based on our own islamic principles and values. Let's copy the Prophet, (peace and blessings be upon him) by word and deed, to try and achieve holistic moral character(Insya Allah). rather than superficially drinking the kool aid from some actor or singer who don't know any better.
#1 Ershad 2010-06-11 23:45
I have a question, in countries like India, Pakistan and other Asian countries women pierce their ears & nose for wearing gold ornaments.
Is it permissable in Islam?

Editor - Piercing of the ears is something many women from all countries seem to be fascinated with and love to do it to show off their earrings and other jewelry. But that does not make to halal.
The opinion of many scholars is for sure, if she does pierce her ears and wear jewelry, then it must certainly cover the jewelry in front of non-mahram men.


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