Jesus A "Muslim"? How?

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ISLAM NEWSROOM - "How can you believe JESUS WAS A MUSLIM?"

"WAIT! How could this be? Islam and Muslims came AFTER THEM?"

We get this question a lot! The Quran and sayings of prophet, peace be upon him, tell us Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon and JESUS, were ALL MUSLIMS.

Good question!

First of all, the words "Islam" and "Muslim" are not English. Second, most translations of Quran and hadith don't give you the English meaning, they just say the same words of Arabic, but using English (or Latin) letters.

So let's don't use any Arabic words. Just English. OK?
Would it make sense to say: "Jesus loved God so much he would be willing to die if that is what God wanted him to do?" (Matt: 26:39)
And is it true, "Jesus surrendered his own will to the Will of God?" (Lord's prayer)
Also, "Did Jesus pray?" - "To WHOM?"
Can we ask, "Did Jesus greet his followers saying, 'Peace be to you?'" (John 201:21)
And did Jesus tell us, "God is Greater, than me"? (John 14:28)
Did Moses tell us, "God is testing us"? (Exodus 20:20)
What about "God is NOT a man . . God is NOT the son of man"? (Num. 23:19)

If we read translations of the Bible do we know exactly what was intended or meant?

This is true of the Quran or any important document, especially when it is retranslated over many centuries to many different languages and cultures.
So, we can't blame people for not knowing for sure what Jesus said, or what he meant.

So, let's translate ALL OF IT TO ENGLISH:

"Islam", a noun in Arabic, is from "aslama", meaning: surrender, submission, obey, sincerity, peace.
"Muslim", a proper noun in Arabic, from "aslama", meaning: one who surrenders, submits, obeys, in sincerity and peace to the Will of God.


Now what happens when the words are the EXACT SAME from two totally different sources . . ? What then?

By the way, the ARABIC BIBLE - does say ALL THE ABOVE EXACTLY.
Just pray to the One Jesus prayed to, ask Him to GUIDE us all, ameen.


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