FAKE NEWS: Alcohol Halal Unless You Get Drunk

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"HALAL WINE?" - FAKE FATWA GOES VIRAL ON FACEBOOK - 90,000 "Hits" (real video has less than 15k)

“DRINKING ALCOHOL IS NOT HARAM” (or so says the FAKE NEWS Egyptian “news” site).

What really happened? — Good question.

Four scholars were sitting together for a discussion on TV — one from each mathab (Hannafi, Maliki, Shafi, Hanbali — schools of jurisprudence).

Their topic was about what each mathab says about ‘khamr’ (alcoholic drinks). The “fake news” article actually posted a link to the TV show on YouTube.

Here's their "story" . . (by the way - the real name of the online "fake news" is not EGYPTIAN CREEPS - no free publicity from us).

fake news halal booze 2

Check this out "Fake news" story has almost 100,000 'Hits' - but the real video on YouTube got less than 15,000 hits as of today (Sunday July 30, 2017) — and for a newspaper . . that’s amazing.

Mistranlsated mis-quote:

halal booze misquote- image above from Islam21c.com

PROBLEM FOR MUSLIMS — Looks like Muslims shared over 6 times as much "fake news" as "True News". So many “wannabe” imams and half-baked scholars were posting this “fake news” story and giving their “opinions” and “warnings” against the sheikh and his “fake fatwa” BEFORE they even verified it to see if it was really true.

This is exactly what shayton wants all of us to do — spread lies, make divisions, put down scholars and even slander the foundation of our religion — authobillah (I seek refuge in Allah from this).

Instead of the “mis-quote” on the “fake news” site, a better way to translate what the sheikh actually said could be more like:

halal booze better quote

       “If a drink cannot make anyone intoxicated in any amount, then it’s not haram (forbidden) at all. But if the same drink can intoxicate anyone else, so then even the smallest amount is haram for him.”

The hadith of the prophet, peace be upon him, is well known to all scholars of fiqh and most scholars of any other area of Islam, that says more-or-less translation:

     “Whatever intoxicates in large amounts, is haram even in small amounts”.

Others who have actually seen and heard the video say, “There is nothing in the panel discussion to lead anyone to think that drinking small amounts of alcohol is OK, as some thought based on the “fake news” story.

Please take a moment to enjoy the 18 verses in surah Al-Hujurat (the Apartments), chapter 49 of the Quran. Particularly notice ayah number 6, that warns us about this very subject:

       “O you who believe - If there comes to you a fasiq (disobedient, corrupter) with any story, verify it, so you don’t harm people out of ignorance and become regretful for what you did.”


May Allah save us from such fitnah (trials and tribulations) and grant us protection against the evils of the whisperer (shayton, the devil), ameen.

          Here’s the actual video: Youtu.be/9FWVaHxdn84

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