8 Gates to Jannah 7 Gates to Hell

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8 Gates to Heaven
gates to

7 Gates to Hell Fire

ISLAM NEWSROOM - "Gates to Paradise & Hell"

sign heaven hellGoing UP? ~ Or Going Down?

Allah is "All-Merciful" and "All-Kind" - He has created the Paradise with eight gates, but the Hell Fire with only seven gates. 

This gives us an edge hopefully, a better chance to enter the Paradise.

May Allah save us all, ameen.

Names of 8 Gates to Jannah (Paradise) 

1.Baabus Salaah - those who were punctual in observing their salat
2.Baabul Jihad - those who participated in jihad
cloud stairs3.Baabus Sadaqah - those who frequently gave sadaqah
4.Baabur Rayyaan - the ones who constantly fasted
5.Baabul Hajj - those who observe their annual pilgrimage[hajj]
6.Baabul Kadhemean al- Gaidh - this door is reserved for those who suppress their anger and pardon others
7.Baabul Iman - this door is reserved for the entry of those who by virtue of their faith are saved from reckoning and chastisement.
8.Baabuz Dhikr - those who excessively remembered Allah.

Names of 7 Gates to Jahannam (Hell Fire)

gate to what

1. Jaheem - the shallowest level of Jahannam. It is reserved for those who believed in Allah and His Messenger [sallallahu 'alayhi wa salaam], but who ignored His commands. 
2. Jahanam - a deeper level where the idol-worshippers are to be sent on the Day of Judgement. 
3. Sa'ir - is reserved for the worshippers of fire. 
4. Saqar - this is where those who did not believe in Allah will be sent on the Day of Judgement. 
5. Ladha - will be the home of those who are calling Prophet Musa (Moses) their God
6. Hawiyah - will be the abode those who worship Esa (Jesus) as their God.
7. Hutama - the deepest level of Jahannam.
This is where the religious hypocrites and fake scholars will spend eternity. The worst of Allah's creation are the Munafiqeen [hypocrites], whether they be mankind or Jinn, for they outwardly appear to accept, but inwardly reject Allah and his Messenger.

gate to whatAllah make us of people in Jannah and save us from punishment of Jahannam.

Quran 2 201 202Ameen

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