Sheikh Aeyd Al Garni Shot in Phillippines

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Assacination Attempt
on Sheikh Ayed Al Qarni
in Phillippines
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ISLAM NEWSROOM - EAST ASIA UPDATES: "Ayed Al Qarni Attacked in Phillippines"

While giving a speech about peace, tolerance and patience of Islam, the well known Sheikh Ayed al-Qarni was shot and injured by an unknown gunman

Aied Al Qarni3Sheikh Ayed Al Qarni, Islamic teacher and Author of the famous book "Laa Tahzan" (Don't Be Sad), as victim of an assacination atempt on his life.

Sheikh Qarni was injured but did not die.

Al Hamdulillah, he was not killed, but his companions were not so lucky...

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Dr. Aeyd Al Qanri was shot and injured during his speech held in the Phillippines today, according to authorities there.

The news agency Al Arabiya says, an unnamed Filipino official reported Sheikh Ayed Al Qarni was, at the time, in "good shape", after he had been shot and wounded in the hand.

The gunman was shot dead but remains unidentified at this time. 

"We pinned down the gunman. He's dead," Filipino spokesperson Helen Galvez told AFP. “We are investigating this incident.”

Galvez said the gunman used a .45-caliber pistol.

The assacination attempt took place during the event as it was taking place at the Western Mindanao State University in Zamboanga.

Sheikh Al Qarni, who has over 12 million followers on Twitter, is presently being treated in hospital along with Sheikh Turki Assaegh, who is a presenter and official with the Saudi embassy there in the Philippines.

The shooting took place at 820pm local time (1220pm GMT), according to the Filipino news website Rabbler.

Zamboanga is one of the largest cities in the southern Philippines and is a mixed Christian and Muslim population.

The area has been a target for attacks by militant groups, claiming to be Islamic, while attacking and killing Islamic preachers like Sheikh Ayed Al Qarni.

One of the nation's main rebel groups raided the city in 2013, triggering three weeks of clashes with security forces that left more than 200 people dead, many of them innocent Muslim women, children and elders.

No information has been published regarding who may have carried out the attack.

However, we don't have to be rocket scientists to understand the real culprit is the devil himself and those who follow him.

Pray for the innocent victims who were killed and ask Allah to guide the rest of us to uphold truth and justice.

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