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SquawkChalkTalk GUIDED smChalk Board Squawk Talk

 ISLAM NEWSROOM: "Chalk Board Squawk Talk"

We asked our readers for their suggestions to help our children use time better and learn worthwhile information while enjoying programs on Guide US TV (now available on Smart Phone APPs, antennas in major cities, online & satellite)

Suggestion #1: New version of graphic design for special kids programs - (use chalk board effects on TV) 

SquawkChalkTalk GUIDED


Suggestion #2: More programs with the puppets

puppets 4 shots"Little Sheikh" & "Sister Suhaila" are popular in our series of "Puppet Fun Shows"

Many who have entered or reverted back to Islam struggle to properly understand and balance modern lifestyle with the teachings of Islam. Young adults having the most complex and hardest experiences.

Our dear friends at "Puppet Fun Shows" work countless hours, day and night - researching and developing processes to produce quality Islamic programing for our kids.

Suggestion #3: Young Talent - with young reciters of Quran

Young talent2


Young Talent 3


Suggestion #4: More kids interacting with the puppets:

puppet kids

puppets explanation

You can help our youngsters get a balanced outlook on life, faith, and interaction with others from these beautiful programs.

Currently we have several segments of children’s programs and more coming every month. You can be part of this by sharing the rewards with us to help us continue improving our quality and quantity of programming of the Puppet Fun Shows [click now]

Please share your feedback on Guide US TV programing you have seen and any ideas you have by sending them to us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Question: Whose Job is it?

Who Will Help Our Kids - To Know True Islam?

chalkboard donate

What is already in place:

  • GUIDEUS TV Kids production studio is producing and broadcasting Puppet Fun Shows right now.

What is needed: Much of our camera, editing and graphic production equipment  and software needs updating or replacing:

kid show pledge

Help us build our kids future:


Stage, seating and studio rental




Monthly Cost – $7,210


Construct stage, settings, props, equipment, design & stage with audience area – $19,000


HD Cameras

Overhead crane



Chroma Key backdrops

Lighting setup

Communication system

New Set designs

New puppets and props

Editing software

Dual monitoring system

Hard drives

Graphic software

Special Kids Studio

Elevated Stage

Rubber Flooring

Audience seating


Equipment Total - $21,000

Total Construction & Equipment - $40,000 

Got A Business and want to sponsor a Guide US TV series? Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ask parents to support now: 




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