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ISLAM NEWSROOM UPDATE: "Everything You Need to Know About Bible, Christianity, God, Trinity"

Articles, presentations and stories from 25 years of research

 - By Yusuf Estes - Former Christian - Muslim Chaplain

"What Scholars of Bible Say About Their Book" - and more...

Scholars of Christianity & Judaism Reveal Truth About Their Religions
New - "That" Prophet? Did Jesus tell of Muhammad in the Bible? (Yusuf Estes)
New - "Bible & Quran Compared" Books of Christianity & Islam Compared
By Ex-Preachers Dr. Gary Miller & Sheik Yusuf Estes
New - Son of Who? Nature of Jesus of Christianity and Islam (Yusuf Estes)
"Bible - A Closer Look" - What it really says - (Yusuf Estes)
"Who Wrote the Bible" - (excerpts from book by the same title)
Jewish Scholar of Old Testament - Richard E. Friedman
"Bible Contradictions?" Are There Contradictions - Why? Jim Meritt
Secret Gospel of Mark? Unbelieveable? - it's true - Bible Scholars Confirm it!
"Beginnings" (How Did the Bible Come About?) [still in progress -more coming, God Willing]
"How Did 1 God - Become 3?" Arianism Vs. Council of Nicaea (Church History)
By Brother John Raymond, (A Catholic Priest)
"Priests And Preachers Enter Islam" True Story - of American Family & Catholic Priest
24 hr. Broadcast - (right now) - Go now to hear and chat with others about the world's fastest growing religion [ISLAM] - "We're waiting!"

Converts Videos - (home made) - See and hear for yourself. Women, men, young & old - tell their stories of how they came to Islam.

NOTE: Our purpose in publishing these works is NOT TO PUT DOWN Christians, Jews or any other faith. These are to help Muslims understand the importance of having accurate record keeping practices for our own faith.
Quran and sunnah have always been preserved in writing and in the memories and hearts of the believers.
We are concerned about Muslims no longer keeping the meaning of the message of faith, only the memorization - WITHOUT THE MEANING.

For a FREE QURAN (translation to English) for the meanings:

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