Eat More 'CAMEL'?

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Camel Burgers?
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Why Are So Many Kids Hungry For

A "HALAL" Camel Burger?
Camel Burger_5

For health? Diet? Religion?

Or just a Neat Treat?

Some American parents expressed concern over the next diet trend for youth, namely the "halal" (kosher for Muslims) meat, not just because it's from Islam, rather for leaving off the tradition beef burger -- for a CAMEL BURGER!!

Hashi meat (young camel) burgers are quite the fad these days, especially among youngsters seeking more organic, healthy and delicious tasting meats.

camel burger_4
"Did you know we camels are mentioned in Quran as very special?"


Allah commands His servants to look at His creations that prove His power and greatness.

Allah says:

 أَفَلاَ يَنظُرُونَ إِلَى الإِبِلِ كَيْفَ خُلِقَتْ ﴿

"Don't they look at the camels, how they are created?"

Indeed, they are an amazing creation, and the way they have been fashioned is strange.
For they are extremely powerful and strong, yet gentle, carrying heavy loads.
They allow themselves to be guided by a weak rider.
The camel carries cargo, is ridden like a horse, and eaten like a cow.
Tents, fabric and clothing come from camel hair and camel milk is a specialty.

From San Francisco to San Antonio, Seattle to Jersey City, Boston to Detroit it seems everyone is finding about about the hidden secret Arabs have kept to themselves -- until very recently.

Seems the flavor of the young camel meat is more pleasant, the texture much softer and there is no sluggish feeling after enjoying these delightful burgers.

camel burger_1
"Did you hear the one about the two humans that.."

Experts in nutrition tell us the lower fat content, and natural grains the camels feed on produce a much healthier diet, particularly for those who are weight conscious or concerned over heart issues.

camel burger_2

Young camels are called "Hashi" in Arabic

One doctor reports the particular method of slaughter, of Islamic tradition, causes a reduction in adrenalin, reduces the toxins and other poisons in the camel meat when compared to the beef slaughtered in the tradition usage of capture bolt stun guns, electric shock or bludgeoning with a heavy object.

camel cow_eat_mor_camel_01
One humurous cartoon appears showing a chicken joining
along with cows to suggest camel burgers are a neat treat!

But don't forget to make 'wudu' (washing) after you eat it!

Be careful - Camels get hungry too!
[watch out]
camel hungery_01

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Salam alaykum - "CAMEL BURGERS"? - Halal? Haram? - What do you think about it . . .

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