Muslim Woman Looses Baby After Paris Attack

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Paris Islamophobes Cause Miscarriage
2 Men Attack Woman Cause Miscarriage


ISLAM NEWSROOM UPDATE - January 23, 2015 FRIDAY 9:00:00 AM

While Charlie Hebo's is selling millions for their magazine cartoons attacking prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, Muslim women are suffering around Paris, France.


Despite all medical efforts, a pregnant Muslim woman who was attacked by two Islamophobic men in the Paris suburb of Argenteuil on Thursday suffered a miscarriage and lost her baby, her lawyer said on Tuesday.

4 months pregnant Muslim sister, 21 years old - physically attacked by 2 men. First they grabbed at her hijab (scarf), then tore her clothes and cut her hair.

All the while she is screaming, "I'm pregnant! I'm pregnant!"

At that point one of the two men began kicking her right in the stomach.

She was taken to Argenteuil hospital where she underwent treatment for injuries.

Local police said that the men had shouted racist insults at the woman, saying that the veil was no longer acceptable in France.

Her husband reports, "She lost the baby,” according to a lawyer who explained to a news agency there. He also added the family are all devastated by this horrible tragedy and would not make further comments.

A French police officer involved in the investigation confirmed she lost her baby.

The prosecutor for Pointoise, Yves Jannier, also confirmed the woman had been kicked before she managed to escape.

Another related incident in the same area of Paris - Again, men attacked a Muslim sister wearing hijab.

Paris Islamophobes Cause Miscarriage


#2 Abdul 2015-01-22 10:06
the most racist people on this planet. 2 men beating a pregnant woman? what a real coward.
#1 ferass 2015-01-21 23:45
Allahu akbar. May Allah give our sisters and brother the full patience. Remember muslims this is what the muslims at the time of our prophet went through, because they say la ilaha illa Allah.

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