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'MUSLIM FREE ZONE'NO MUSLIMSGun-Toten Granny's Got Guts 

Islam Newsroom UpdateShooting range in Hot Springs, Arkansas is "Muslim FREE Zone" - Lady owner does not allow followers of ISLAM!

"How can she tell if someone is Muslim?" - you ask?

Well, old fashion racism is alive and well at THE GUN CAVE - in Hillbilly Hills in Hot Springs, ARK.

This story we came about South Asian (NON-Muslims) who fell under the watchful eye of "Granny Get Your Guns Out" (Jan Morgan, proprietor)

Read . .

A young college student from Hot Springs who went to the Gun Cave with his father for a round of target practice.

"We're not Musliim. But we are from South Asia" says a young man who asks us not to use his name, "A woman told us to leave" - Likely Jan Morgan, the owner.

"My dad and I used to go to this gun range," says the young man, "but we haven’t had as much of a chance to go in recent years since I've been at college. It's changed ownership recently."

"When we went in, a woman asked, ‘Where are you guys from?’

We told her we were from Hot Springs. She said, "this is a Muslim free shooting range," so if you are [Muslim] or if we don’t like the rule - then leave".

We said that we’re not Muslim, but my dad asked, ‘Why is it Muslim free?’ and got into a conversation. All of a sudden, I don’t know what went wrong, but she stopped us from filling out the paperwork and said ‘I don’t think you guys should be here.’

She told us to leave or she’d call the cops on us" -

So - they left.

"We’re brown; I don’t know if she assumed we were Muslim," he continued.

"When she first asked us, she said, ‘I would hope if you were Muslim you guys wouldn't be cowards and would be up front about it.'"

The student says he was born in the U.S. and lived in Hot Springs for ten years before going to college in a different Arkansas town.

He considers Hot Springs his home.

He mentioned he had heard something about a "Muslim free" shooting range but, "I didn't know it was this place."

After he figured it out he continues, "I kept quiet because I just wanted to have some fun and shoot some guns."

He says going shooting with his dad is just something they do occasionally, like "father-son time - guy time."

It appears neither he nor his father will take legal action over the incident.

After all they don't want to stir up trouble.

But the young man says, "I felt like I had to speak up and let people know about what happened there."

"It’s definitely crazy that there’s such intolerance," he said.

A call to the Gun Cave was rewarded with a swift hangup as soon as the News was mentioned.

Again, we ask our readers - whether you are Muslim or not - "Do We Need Our Own Voice Here in America?"

Where will our children be in 10 years? Who will speak on their behalf? How will we be able to live here if we don't have our own voice here?

This is happening in front of our eyes, brothers and sisters. We all know there is only One God, Allah. We also know He is not going to be pleased with us if we continue to lay down and shut our eyes pretending this will all just "go away".

This is our chance. This is our duty. This is needed - NOW

Get the rewards with Allah and ask Him to join us all together in Paradise with His prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

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#1 Editor IslamNewsroom 2015-01-15 22:47
Salam alaykum,
If we don't speak now - don't complain later.
Whose fault is it if we don't even try?

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