Dr PEACE (Zakir Naik), Yusuf Estes & MUHAMMAD SALAH on HUDA TV

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Zakir Naik & Yusuf Estes
Peace TV & Guide US TV
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Together on HUDA TV
with Dr Mohamed Salah

ISLAM NEWSROOM - Update January 5, 2015 Monday

Dr Zakir Naik, Dr Mohamed Salah & Yusuf Estes all together to endorse GUIDE US TV, five years ago.


Dr. Zakir Naik of PEACE TV and Dr. Mohamed Salah of HUDA TV Give full endorsement & support for Yusuf Estes to start GUIDE US TV in America.

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2 Hour SPECIAL to Introduce GUIDE US TV to all viewers around the world.

ASK HUDA Special episode focus compares Islam to Christianity, innovations of Muslims, need for Guide US TV.

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Many callers call-In with questions including many subjects - answers become very interesting even bringing discussion between Dr. Naik and Dr. Salah regarding the types of covering for women - really good show.

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2 hours go by really fast - Enjoy & Share

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#2 sk asfak alli 2015-01-21 11:27
#1 musefardad 2015-01-08 17:53
These guys full my heart and mind with love and peace for everything
This is the real Islam.
I pray for them each night.

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