Need Dawa For My Catholic WIFE?

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What Can I say?
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DAWAH UPDATE - Yusuf Estes Advises converts how to give dawah to close friends & relatives:

Bother Muhammad asked us:

“I converted to Islam, but my wife she didn't to convert. Help me get her to be Moslem please. You was a Catholic priests and she is a Catholic too. So, you know how do they feel. She is my wife, I do love her and want her to know the Islam and be to Muslim but she is so stubborn about her way.”

Our reply: 

Bismillah was salam alaykum dear brother,

First of all congratulations brother on coming to Islam. Al Hamdulillah for the Guidance of Allah.

Second, I was NOT a Catholic and I was not a priest, although the night before I accepted Islam, my good friend, a Catholic priest did accept Islam. The whole story is on 

Next, when we talk about helping someone come to Islam, you have to know that only Allah will guide people - not me, and not you.
It is up to Allah. We have to try our best and then make dua for Allah to do the rest.

You must show here kindness, patience and support in all the good things she does, and make her feel good about being married to a Muslim man. Keep in mind, you are the one who accepted Islam, not her. This all takes time and patience and of course, LOVE.

We know of some brothers that after years of kindness, their wives have opened up and accepted Islam. They did not say it was easy. They said it was difficult and sometimes they felt like giving up.Here’s what you must know about this - It will be patience, kindness, love, understanding, give and take in many issues. But above all, you must show the character of a true Muslim. And that is not always so easy is it?

Now let’s see what happened to others in similar cases to yours, inshallah. Here’s some advice that worked in some cases before, but no guarantees. 

dawah tips_for_converts


First, take a look at this video and then ask your family member (or close friend) to watch it (without you in the room). Tell them when they're done watching both videos, you have a question for them.

AFTER they watched both videos (privately), say to them, "Did you watch both videos? My question won't make sense unless you see both of them”.

Then here’s your question,

"Do you have any questions or anything you would like to say about these videos?

1. [they liked them]

Ask them to see what happened to others who felt the same way about beliefs: then, (and click the questions on the left side of the page) and then and then


2. [they didn’t like them]

Say, "Well, you might be surprised to see what happened to some people who entered Islam - but I'll let you see for yourself", and give the same link to: and and and


3. [no opinion - or won’t say]

Offer to explore some things about the Bible, church history and things relative to Catholics and Protestants, from some people who used to preach it. Here’s the links:,,,

Be sure to keep a record of progress and let us know how things progress.

More Dawah Tips? - [click this link]


Now here's something for you: (type in any keyword) and,,,, (great stories) and

All of the websites mentioned here (and below) belong to us and we are responsible for the content, inshallah.


Salam alaykum ,

Thank you for writing.

Please direct fiqh & fatwah questions to


#3 Yusuf Estes 2014-10-09 14:33
But wait 'til you download the FREE APP - Oh yeah!
App store type in 'searchforislam ' (one word)
#2 Mohammad Noor 2014-10-09 12:56
MaSha Allah ;) ^_^ :)
#1 cupcake 2014-10-09 11:58
wife should talk to other converts & visit mosque.
dont rush people into islam. let everyone work at their own pace. should ask allah to guide her to the straight path.

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