Catholic Sister Converts to ISLAM

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Catholic Sister to Islam
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No Trinity!
1 GOD - Allah

UPDATE - Catholic Sister To Islam - Needs our prayers and share her story

Sister taught religion as a strict Catholic but she looked into the Trinity and found it to be confusing and it doesn't make sense so she studied many religions including Islam and that when Allah Guided her to the religion of God (Islam).

Convert Catholic_Sister_to_Islam_A

She converted to Islam (reverted) and became a Muslimah (female Muslim).

Then she faced hardships from former Catholics - including her own parents and family - who took her daughter from her.

She lost her job, had to leave her school and education.

She says - “It doesn’t matter as long as you have good relationship with God.”

Brothers and sisters - what are we doing with our Islam, if we can't even make dua for these new Muslims and share their stories for dawah?

Watch Her Video [click]

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#2 cupcake 2014-10-04 09:58
move out to alaska. they will pay u to live there. dont know it works. take the govts money or they will pump money into war.
#1 cupcake 2014-10-04 08:07
has a good attitude. needs to stay firm. will pass the test will flying colors.
go to local mosque for new muslim support. maybe she can go to court later & get custody of daughter. seems like the parents are trying to punish her by taking away daughter.
wonder if she can teach comparative religion in universities.

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