G-D Hebrew for "GOD"? Allah?

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G D letters

The Formal Name of (HIM)

According to Jewish & Muslim Tradition
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The Name of “G”-“D” [Allah, God, Yahweh, Jehovah]

  1. NOTE: According to Jewish and Muslim beliefs, the Name of the Almighty, Creator and Sustainer of the universe, must be respected as it contains or conveys the very essence of the One being mentioned. Therefore, it is requested to all who read, not to print out or publish in printed form in any manner where it may be desecrated or disrespected.
  2. According to Judaism, the FOUR LETTER Name is most important, and pronunciation is “unknown”
  3. Thank you for your kind consideration and cooperation.

Names - Importance & Significance 

According to Judaism, names are not just arbitrary designations or random combinations of audible noises. Every name gives the essence or nature of what the thing being referred to in the sound; an actual audible representation of the source and information about the thing being named.

According to Islam, it was Adam, peace be upon him, who amazed the angels right after being created by Allah, by naming all of the things in creation. 

Odd as this may seem, the English language provides some similarity to this concept. We ask a person, “May I know your good name, sir?” Often times the value of a business or enterprise is based largely on the “Good Name” of the company as seen by the public eye.

In the Torah [Pentateuch, or First 5 Books of Moses in the Bible], the second book, Exodus (Exiting), chapter 3, verses 13 to 22; we find Musa (Moses), peace be upon him, asking the Almighty about “His Name”.

(Moses) Musa, peace be upon him, doesn’t ask how to pronounce the word, as much as he is saying, “Tell me about you”.
That is, “Who?”; “What?”; “Where”; “How”, etc. The reply from “The One Above” clarifies what the question implied.

The answer comes back to Musa, peace be upon him, from “The One Above” (more or less the meaning): He is “The Eternal”, “The God” (of all), He is “The All Seeing”, “The Redeemer”.

The issue is not so much the disrespect for the actual “Word”, as much as it is for the disrespect to “The One” being referred to, so to speak.

Nomenclatures or names of things, directly indicate the noun being referred to. But when the name is not just an object, but rather an intelligent being, it then implies much more.

This immediately commands a certain respect and place of dignity for the individual’s standing and reputation.

We understand from this that any and all of the attributes, characteristics or “Names” of “The Almighty” in any form, must be regarded with the highest honor, dignity, respect and reverence. Such is the case with both Judaism and Islam.

The Holy "TETRAGRAMMATON" ['Unmentionalble' Name of God] 

According to Judaism, the faithful should not desrespect even the mention of the WORD [for G-D] itself.

- [source: Wikipedia]


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I always wanted to know why Jews put the dash between the two letters of G and D. Surprise to learn so much in one article. Please tell us more about these beliefs in other religions. I dunno as much as I should.

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