11 Babies at Once - in India?

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Online LIES?
LIE Woman has 11 Babies at one time LIE
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True? Or False?

LIE woman births 11 at one time

Can We Trust Everything on the Internet?

Detailed Analysis

According to a message that circulated so time back, via social media posts and email, a woman in India broke the world record for multiple births when she gave birth to eleven babies at the same time.

A picture with 11 new-born babies were all laying next to each other on a hospital gurney with nurses and doctors standing by.

But How Much of This is Real?


We did some research on this and found out the truth - some of it is true (but not most of it).

What was the REAL STORY?

* The picture is real - (but not much else)

The image shows eleven babies in a hospital in Surat, India. They were all born on a "unique date" 11/11/11 You can see this very picture on the Afternoon Dispatch & Courier website with this caption:

INDIA’S TEAM-11 ON 11-11-11 --with the hospital staff showing 11 babies born on unique date 11/11/11 in Surat on Friday.

* More pictures of the babies can be seen on the Nadkarni IVF blog which notes:

11 LSCS deliveries at our 21st Century Hospital & Test Tube Baby Centre-Surat and more at Killa Pardi & Vapi (at Nadkarni Hospital & Test Tube Baby Centre & 21st Century Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.) on 11.11.11 and all Test Tube Babies…A world record.

* A Times of India news article provides more:

SURAT: A city-based In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) centre will undertake operations on 11 would-be mothers to schedule the births of their babies on Friday, 11-11-11.

About 30 women had conceived through IVF nine months ago at the 21st Century Hospital in the city.
Of them, 11 couples wanted the delivery of their babies on the special date.

* Moreover, there are no credible news or medical reports about such a multiple birth.

Just Another Social Media-


Records prove the highest number of babies born to one mother at the one time is 9 (nonuplets) - NOT 11.


* FACT: 9 BABIES AT ONE TIME - In 1971, a woman in Australia gave birth to 9 babies. Sadly, none of her lived more than six days.

* FACT: 9 BABIES AT ONCE - Then, in 1999, a Malaysian woman had 9 babies, and again all of them died, this time in only 6 hours of birth.

With the outbreak of deadly virus and our whole world rushing to the Internet to learn what is going, who is being affected and what the future might hold - it is important that we remember to always - CHECK THE SOURCE.


ISLAM says - Verify the source for any important information - like health, wealth, family, education and of course, faith.

 - Why take a strangers word for something that seems unbelievable? Good question.

 - Facts and proofs for anything we Muslims say, must be available and accessable to all concerned. Otherwise, it is no difference than online nonsense.

 - Get facts from real sources and real scholars - Check it out on SearchForIslam.com


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#1 maheen amir 2014-01-14 15:14
Yeah it's a clear lie
As how cana woman hold 11 babies all same size
I think india forgot to keep some premature babies or some under weight babies

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