He Attacked Islam - Now He's Muslim

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Islam-ophobe to Islam?
islamophobe Amoud Van Doom1
Dutch Supporter of Geert Wilders
Now A Muslim?

Madinah, Saudia Arabia - April 2013  Former Islamophobe - Amoud Van Doorn ACCEPTS ISLAM!

islamophobe Amoud Van Doom1Former Dutch Islam-ophobe, Arnoud Van Doorn is now a Muslim. He accepted Islam, changed his entire life and is currently visiting the holy city of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

The very man he used to ridicule and even supported making an international movie against - is now planning to make a whole different kind of movie about Muhammad, peace be upon him - One that depicts a much more favorable and wonderful way of life for Muslims and especially the excellent personality of our beloved prophet, peace be upon him.

Former Dutch Islamophobe, Arnoud Van Doorn has accepted Islam and is now visiting the holy city of Madinah Sheikh Sudais unveiled plans to produce an international film on Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Islam.

Strange as it sounds, the ex-supporter of Geert Wilders, well known for his open attacks on religion and especially Islam - has now decided to turn 180 degrees in his thinking and beliefs.

love hate ISLAMNow the question seems to be, "Is Van Doorn’s conversion sincere or a Far-Right political stunt?" That would really upset the Muslims, wouldn't it?
Be he says it is all on the level and he is quite sincere. He even confirmed the speculation regarding his conversion to Al Jazeera TV. Allah Knows Best!

This really shakes up the “anti-Islamists”! Think about his ex-buddy, Geert Wilders. What is he thinking right now? Everything he stands for is falling down around him - not just because of his close friend going "over to the other side" and becoming Muslim.

The next thing you know, something will come out of the closet about Geert being originally from a Muslim land (maybe Malaysia or Indonesia) and he is only bleaching his hair white to fit in with "Neo-Nazi" wannabees!

One Dutch anti-hate website carried the following story [translated from Dutch on http://www.krapuul.nl]

Far-Right Dutch Politician CONVERTS TO ISLAM

AMSTERDAM – A leading member of far-right Dutch politician, Geert Wilders’ party has gone over to Islam. He says it is after an extensive study about the Islamic religion and Muslims.

“I can understand people are skeptic, especially that it is unexpected for many of them,” Arnoud Van Doorn told Al-Jazeera English satellite channel.

“This is a very big decision, which I have not taken lightly.”

The news about Doorn’s reversion first came to the surface last month when he tweeted “new beginning”.

He later posted a tweet in Arabic pronouncing the Shahadah (proclamation of faith).

He later announced he had converted to Islam, giving no more information about the reasons behind the decision.

“In my own close circle people have known that I have been actively researching the Qur’an, Hadith, Sunnah and other writings for almost a year now,” he said.

“In addition, I have had numerous conversations with Muslims about the religion.”

Driven by his party’s anti-Islam discourse, Doorn decided to dig in for the truth about the religion himself.

“I have heard so many negative stories about Islam, but I am not a person who follows opinions of others without doing my own research,” he said.

“Therefore, I have actually started to deepen my knowledge of the Islam out of curiosity.

“My colleague Aboe Khoulani from the City Council in The Hague has brought me further into contact with the as-Soennah mosque, which has guided me even further.”

A member of the Dutch parliament and The Hague city council, Doorn’s name has long been associated with Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam, far-right PVV party.

Geert Wilders himself is known for his rants against Islam, Muslims and the Quran.

IslamOphobe2IslamNew Beginning

Doorn’s decision to accept Islam has won mixed reactions in the Netherlands.

“According to some people I am a traitor, but according to most others I have actually made a very good decision,” he told Aljazeera.

“The reactions are generally positive and I also received quite some support via twitter.

“It feels good that people who do not know me personally have understanding of my situation and support me in my choice.”

For the Dutch politician, finding Islam was finally guiding him to the true path in his life.

“I have made mistakes in life as many others. From these mistakes I have learned a lot,” Doorn said.

“And by my conversion to Islam I have the feeling that I finally found my path.

“I realize that this is a new start and that I still have much to learn as well.”

Departing from his earlier life as a PVV member, Doorn expects much resistance in his political life.

“The expectation is that I will continue to face much resistance, also from certain government institutions,” he said.

"I have all the faith in Allah to support me and guide me through these moments"

Inshallah, he is right - Allah will support and guide him - But what will we do?

You and I have a responsibility to every new Muslim who enters into Islam - and this man has rights upon us!

Will you join me in writing to him (below) - Leave him a message and let him know he is not alone and Allah has forgiven him for everything - and we Muslims also forgive him and pray for him to be the best example of a good Muslim now, in his political life!

Do it now - Please write something and let him know -

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#42 Joey Paulo 2016-04-11 20:31
I'm reading the Quran for the first time and I am really liking it. I applaud this man for thinking outside the box as not many do. If there were more people like him then the world would be a much better place
#41 Ifa 2016-01-11 22:23
Lets learn together, because Islam is about never ending learning journey, more you know about Islam, you Will notice that more peacefull Thing that you get.
#40 Bassem 2014-01-17 10:22
Hello, I am a muslim arabic guy, and actually my girlfriend is dutch. and she's always askin' about Islam and she wants to know more about it..
so I just need your help in this..
my email is [email protected]
whatsapp num is 00971556646082
#39 Mona Hashish 2013-12-11 06:18
Dear Sir,
Welcome to Islam. We are happy to have you as a brother. If you need help in understanding anything in Islam or Quran, please write to me and I can help you with explanation. This is if you talk English!
#38 shehroze Asim 2013-11-15 05:08
Glory to my Lord the most high the most bountiful.
Surely Allah is great who have created this whole universe. We welcome you brother in Islam. A very very warm welcome to you may Allah increase yours and our faith so that we can get paradise(our final destination).
#37 Rafi 2013-11-13 11:07
Assalamu Alykum brother. I just wan to say a big congratulation. And may Allah S W T protects you like he protected Ibrahim Aiaihe Salaam.
From brother
M. Rafi London
#36 tahmeed wafa 2013-10-28 22:29
Alhamdulilah , congratulations , may ALLAH increase in your Iman , guide us all and help every muslim and every human towards Truth of iman and Shahadah AMEEN !
#35 Curious 2013-10-14 11:00
Hmmm, how can we trust this guy? What if he had it planned to carry out some sort of attack on us? Something fishy here but if it's genuine then mashallah.
#34 MZ.Fanani 2013-07-27 18:14
I just want to say since you convert into moslem, one thing that you should not to hesitate is asking your moslem brothers and sisters about how to be a good moslem. Islam is rahmatanlilalam in, there you must to be, then people out there at last realize that living together with moslem is peaceful.
#33 Roosinah Mohamad 2013-07-22 06:44
Allahuakbar,, Allah is great, do you know mr Doorn, we Muslim our best weapon which kaffir cannot beat is duaa... When you fight Islam so much maybe some of our Muslims brothers and sisters throughout the world did duaa for you.. Prophet s.a.w guide us to duaa good for those who fight so hard to beat the Muslim and Islam..Subhanal lah ,, you have a good heart, Allah loves you, be Thankful to Allah for His Nur..insyaallah , speak good on islam on behalf of Muslim from over the world..

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