Why Pope Quit After Old Bible

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Secret Bible Viewed by Pope?
Jesus Predicted Prophet After Him?
Bible Ancient_Text1

 PROOF FROM: Real Jesus & Muhammad

 ISLAM NEWSROOM - RELIGION SPECIAL: "Why Did Pope Quick After Seeing Quran?"

  • Vatican Requested Viewing of Ancient Manuscript
  • Handwritten in Ancient Aramaic with Gold Lettering
  • Hidden by Turkish State After Drug Raid for 12 Years

A long hidden Bible sparked heavy concern within the Vatican, just before Pope Benedict quit his office. Speculation from those close to the pontiff and those responsible for guarding document indicate textual evidence Jesus Christ preached a message more about worship of one God than salvation of blood on a cross, and predictions of a prophet to come after him. Muslims there claim it is Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Pope Benedict XVI requested to view the ancient book, which some say is from the Gospel of Barnabas, hidden by Turkish state after a drug raid over 12 years back.

The $20 million dollar tome is etched with gold in Aramaic, the language of Jesus and is claimed to present his early message and prediction of a prophet to come after him.


Hidden Bible: Early Church Bible Has Early Teachings of Jesus Christ & Prediction of Prophet Muhammad℗

Ancient Text Inscribed on Animal Leather Hide - Turkish Police Discovery During Drug Deal Raid in 2000


Bible Ancient_Text1


After the drug raid in Turkey in 2000, the ancient manuscript was well guarded for the next ten years, then handed over to the Ankara Ethnography Museum. Following some minor restorations, it will be place on public display for all to see. It has been estimated that one single page of this handwritten ancient manuscript may be worth over $20 million.

Ertugrul Gunay, minister of Turkish Culture and Tourism says this well preserved Bible may actually be the authentic Gospel of Jesus, a book long suppressed by the Catholic Church for containing strong parallels to Islamic views of Jesus.

The Vatican had made official requests for the book to be made available for the pope to personally review, as there is concern over controversial textual references, according to Gunay.

There has been serious discussion as to whether or not this find may be an original gospel, even possibly predating gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke and John.

Muslim belief from Quran appears to match closely with meanings from ancient Bible, claiming Jesus Christ to be a human being rather than a son-of-god or third of a god in the Trinity.

Some Muslims speculated that shortly after inspecting the ancient book, the pope found it necessary to vacate his role as pontiff for the world's largest sect of Christianity.


Quran ancient pages 01


Serious interest: The Vatican, under Pope Benedict XVI, is said to want to see the recently re-discovered Bible


Historic Tome - Valued Over $20 Million - Inscribed in Aramaic, the Language of Jesus Christ

The recently discovered text rejects the concept of Trinity of God and the crucifixion and instead has Jesus℗ prophesying prophet Muhammad℗ coming after him.

One verse has Jesus℗ telling a priest about the one to come, "Muhammad℗ is his blessed name"

Another verse has Jesus denying he is son-of-god or last prophet. Rather he will be from the tribe of Ishmael (Ismail℗), the expression for Arab descendents by way of Abraham.

Even though evidence seems to prove out the authenticity and age of the book, there are some who claim it is fake and only dates back less than a thousand years. There are actual copies recently turning up that do date back to earlier centuries, written in Spanish and Italian. However, until this discovery these had been laid aside as though they were mere forgeries.

Protestant pastors like Ihsan Ozbek say it is not likely to be authentic, especially if it does not comply with the Codex Sinaiticus (4th century book, claimed to be oldest Bible on earth). Ozbek told reporters about the text in Ankara, that it might be "written by one of the followers of St Barnabas".

Others have attributed it to be a book by that title (Gospel of Barnabas) or similar names to St. Barnabas who is mentioned by Paul in the earliest days after Jesus℗ departure from earth. He was one of the actual companions and fellow travelers along with Jesus℗.

Still others claim the text to be from after the fourth century, and well after the Vulgate of Jerome (Latin text: Catholic)

Muslims would not be too disappointed to learn this copy does not include many things from the Quran, as none of the real Biblical revelations are extant today, whereas, the Quran is still today exactly as it came to Muhammad℗.

"Although there may be no connection to the Gospel of Barnabas, it would not matter much to us today, as we never really considered it (Gospel of Barnabas) to be perfectly authentic from the beginning anyway", says one American Imam, a convert from Christianity.

A professor of theology, Ömer Faruk Harman says, scientifically scanning the book may be the only way to determine exactly how old it really is.


ST BARNABAS - Who Was He (really)?

He was born in Cyprus as Joseph. Barnabas was named in the Bible as an Early Christian later on he was referred to as an apostle.

His story appears in the Acts of the Apostles, and Paul mentions him in some of his epistles, as being the one who gave him credibility in front of the early church leaders of Damascus, after his "blinding light on the road to Damascus" conversion story.

The actual date, place and circumstances of his death are not verifiable historically. However, the Christian tradition holds that he was martyred at Salamis in Cyprus.

He is also known as the founder of the Cypriot Church and his fast day is June 11.


[Complied March 15, 2013 in Edinburgh, Scotland @2013 Islam Newsroom]



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let them scan the book to know how old it is & put it on display. maybe they don't want to scan so the true message of christ will be known. churches & popes will go out of business. it's strange that they claim that this book is forged and not current bibles which exist today.

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