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Live Call-In & Kid Shows

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Do You Remember Our Call-In Recite on TV?
Our Kids Need - Recite On TV

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We Need - Programs for Families We Need - Programs for Children

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Our Kids Need Real Islam in Simple English
Our Youth Need Programs for our Teenagers
Our Kids Need Real Islam in Simple English
Our Youth Need Programs for our Teenagers

You & Your Family Need - GUIDE US TV
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Bridge to Faith * Family Life 
Lifting the Fog * Faith Matters
* Stories of the Prophets

We All Need ~ Marriage Tips
Programs for our Non-Muslim Friends
 Watch & enjoy as much as they can
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We Need Dr. Zakir Naik
Muhammad Saleh - Yusuf Estes
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#3 Umm Nuh 2015-05-27 11:46
MashAllah, our entire family enjoys watching the live shows together every evening. InshaAllah, if everyone just gave a little bit every month there could be even more new and live programming instead of continuous fund raising. It's commercial free tv in todays society for that reason alone GuideUsTv is priceless.
We've followed this channel from the very beginning even before it started when Sheik Yusuf was mostly on Peace tv and Huda channel. Having this channel in America is a blessing. Also,InshaAllah Brothers and Sisters if you use the Roku box please rate the channel by hightlighting the stars. The more stars the channel has the more it will be freatured on Roku so more people will see it on their home page and search pages at the top or off to the side.
#2 Muslim 2012-08-25 02:25
Assalamualaikum , But isn't Zakat only for someone who doesn't have nisab? Or do you do tamleek?
#1 Yusuf Estes 2012-08-04 09:33
Help me in Ramadan to share this message (Zakat is OK)

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