Terrorist Kills Jews in France [really??]

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Frence killer1
Muslims & Jews Fear More Mayhem

(Says French Media but why a camera?)

- Here's what they say now - But what will Allah show us in the future? (keep coming back for updates) LATEST UPDATE www.IslamNewsroom.com/news-we-need/2248

3 Jewish Children, 3 Soldiers, 1 Rabbi Murdered at point blank range.

With a gun touching their heads, the last thing they likely heard was the pulling of the triggers as a lone gunman, wearing a video camera and riding a scooter continued his killing spree in France for the last few days.

Frence killer2Investigators in France anticipate the cold blooded murderer, who has now killed 1 Jewish Rabbi, 3 school children of Jewish families and 3

acting alone, could very likely strike again.

French investigators fear a gunman who has killed three soldiers and four Jews, including three children, in cold-blooded attacks may strike again, the head of the inquiry warned Tuesday.

Monday, March 19, 2012 a lone gunman on a scooter and carrying a video camera launched a vicious and deadly attack on a small group of children, parents and their teacher just outside their Ozar Hatorah school.

Jonathan Sandler, aged 30, his two sons Arieh 5 years, and Gabriel 4 years, were shot down dead, fell to the street. Then the killer ran over to the school grounds and continued his rampage, shooting and killing little Miriam Monsonego, 7 years old daughter of the school’s director.

The bodies of these 4 victims were flown to Paris on Tuseday, along with their familes, to be joined by Alain Juppe the Foreign Minister to Israel, for burial in Jerusalem on Wednesday. Chief investigator Sarkozy paid his last respects to the bodies of the victims, while they lie in wait at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.

Claude Gueant, Interior Minister told reporters, the assasin might have been using a video camera, reported by witnesses to be strapped around his neck for recording his crimes to upload these videos to the Internet.

However, Molins says it was "not certain" the killer had a camera, adding it was a "hypothesis" based on reports from confused witnesses.

Frence killer3

Gueant said, while going around Toulouse to check on increased security arrangements in that part of the city a clue such as him wearing a video camera, could help what little information police have at this point about the murdered. He seems to someone who is “very cold, very determined, very in control of himself, very cruel”

Andres Breivik, the Norwegian assassin who murdered 77 innocent people, while committing attacks of terrorims on the comminty in that part of Norway, also killed mostly little innocent children, advised people who want to carry out copycat terrorist killings of this type to film their attacks in the same way using a video recorder.

Police are stuck with few clues and play down the suspicions arising about 3 soldiers recently fired due to expressing favor toward the neo-Nazi views (anti-Semitic, racist, etc.), says one source close to the investigation.

2 of those killed last week were paratroopers from the 17th Parachute Engineering Regiment, the same regiment from where 3 other soldiers were kicked out of the service for staging a neo-Nazi demonstration back in 2008.

Quotes from a police source say, inquiries continue, but a direct link to the 3 discharged soldiers was “one hypothesis among others” and was “not any longer a priority in current stage of investigation”.

The French authorities have increased security at both Jewish and Muslim schools after Monday's bloody terrorist assault, and Sarkozy declared a maximum "scarlet" terror alert (like the RED Alert in USA) for the Midi-Pyrenees region.

Chief prosecutor in Paris, Francois Molins, in charge of counter-terrorism investigations, says “He (the gunman) knows he’s hunted” and warns the public, “He’s likely to act again”. This warning is being taken serious by other officials within the schools, religious groups and parents throughout the country.

Everyone of the victims was shot directly in the head, “at point blank range”, says Chief prosecutor Molins, explaining about the burn marks caused by firing the weapon while it was actually touching the victims heads.

Paris police are diligently searching the World Wide Wide in hopes of finding some video footage perhaps even posted by the shooter himself. According to eye-witnesses the man was carrying a video camera as he murdered the children of the Jewish school in Toulouse.

Information of the potential for finding such videos of this man’s unbelieveable acts on the Internet has caused even more stress amongst victims relatives and loved ones who are already trying to deal with these horrible events.

School kids all over France joined along with civil servants, lawmakers and workers for a minute of silence for the victims of these heartless attacks. The country’s race for president has been put on hold for the time being.

Frence killer4The murderer is also suspected of killing a paratrooper in the same way on March 11, while not on duty, in addition to the Thursday murder of the Jewish Rabbi and the 3 little Jewish kids on Monday’s attack on their school.

The way officials look at it is, the evidence so far indicates it is all the same man. The same weapon, same brand and type of scooter, and the same timing of 4 days apart.

Molins said the attacks had been classified as terrorism because they "gravely disturbed public order by intimidation or terror" adding that the killings could be "racist and anti-Semitic but still also terrorist."

President Nicolas Sarkozy honored the victims in silent tribute at a school in Paris close to the city's Holocaust memorial, and afterwards confirmed authorities had as yet no positive clue as to the identity of the killer.

Sarkozy told press who were at the Paris school after the meeting, “Anti-Semitism is obvious” and he said the Jewish school attack was obvious an “Anti-Semitic crime”.

Frence killer5Questions about the killings of the soldiers brought out more questions about the whole situation. Did it have something to do with the soldiers because, “they were just back from Afghanistan?” Or was it because, “They were minorities?” Sarkozy said, “We don’t know” he continued, “And we must be very cautious until an arrest of someone has been made.”

The 3 murdered soldiers were North African origin, although they were citizens of France. Another soldier who was critically wounded during the attack was from the French West Indies. All of them were black.

We quoted it all exactly as they ran the story.
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#10 john 2015-01-10 12:02
Sad day for the world, All of these people that threaten the basic rights of humanity do not deserve to be a part of it.
To commit murder in the name of a religious ideal, is shameful. AND IF THIS CONTINUES THE WORLD WILL fight back.
I don't think THAT the Islam GOD ALLAH, meant that HIS NAME be used as an excuse for what is happening
#9 ED. ISLAM NEWSROOM 2014-08-31 20:05
Quoting 321:
another false flag,, story just dont add up...designed to create hatred toward islam & muslims,,,when a non muslim murders muslims he has mental illness but when muslim - he's a terrorist.

Yes Read update on www.IslamNewsroom.com/news-we-need/2248
#8 ED. ISLAM NEWSROOM 2014-08-31 19:59
Salam (peace) to all.
All of you who "smelled a rat" - you were all right!
The truth is out now - Take a look for yourself on www.IslamNewsroom.com/news-we-need/2248
#7 777 2012-04-07 01:38
I am sorry but, something isn't right, I feel it
in myself, I agree with 321. Information is not
informative enough, this looks like they
mixing things so you really do not know the truth.
Like they found this young Guy and put him
as guilty for there own agenda. People cannot always believe what appears to be true. The media is a very dangerous medium, because the younger
generation just eats up what is feed to them.
#6 danish 2012-03-28 15:54
The terrorist who killed these little kids and 3 black soldiers is not a person with muslim background.had he only killed jewish adults then it would have made some sense that he was some muslim hardliner.but here small kids are involved and by definition kids are born muslims as per islam.as for black soldiers,islam is not racist so it smacks of some right wing french nationalist's work.
#5 321 2012-03-22 13:31
another false flag. parts of the story just dont make sense or add up. its just designed to create more hatred towards islam and muslims. either way i find it funny (well not rlly) that when a non muslim murders muslims they say he has a mental illness but when its a muslim he's a terrorist.
#4 Z Bhotto 2012-03-22 10:53
It is very sad that this type of terror act continues to go on. We need to stop it. This black ships continue to bring disgrace to us.
#3 Tahir Ahmed 2012-03-21 19:22
This is so sad. Islam does not teach that. How we are going to learn the right islam? Well that's why we need Guide us tv and Islam news room web site, so we can learn the right religion. I personally sympathize with the family of the victim. Allah give us hidayah, Ameen.
#2 Ibn Yusuf 2012-03-21 12:12
Salam alaykum, someone from us Muslims should show some support for these people. After all, we are about compassion, forgiveness and positive steps to make the world better. Yes or no?
So I say, come on and let's do some good works for the sake of Allah. Remember, any innocent person killed is like the whole world has been killed. And any innocent person saved is like saving the whole world.
#1 sk 2012-03-21 06:47
suspect carrying camera? sounds like set up so sarzoky can get more votes. time for the french muslims to vote him out of office.__

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