Who is Muhammad?

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WHO IS Muhammad?

..to Muslims?
..to Others?

muhammad06muhammad08Muhammad, peace be upon him, is the number one most discussed man in history. There never was anyone more influencial in the history of people than the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Check out more about him, his teachings, his wives, his companions, his enemies and what they said about Muhammad, peace be upon him, on our website www.ProphetOfIslam.com
It is time now to get the real truth about the real prophet Muhammad,peace be upon him, to all the people - Muslims and non-Muslims. Let the world know the truth and then let them decide...

...WHO IS MUHAMMAD? (peace be upon him)

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Who was he? What did his followers say about him? How can we understand their undying devotion to his mission? What was his 'message' to the world? Who talks about this man? Christians? Jews? Muslims? Do they know the real - Muhammad?...Read More..

muhammad09Was Muhammad the one mentioned in the Bible 2,000 years ago?
Was he the 'Spirit of Truth'? (John 14:26)
Scholars today have discussed this topic more and more as evidence and proofs surface to reveal new information about this man - Muhammad..Read More..

Muhammad art1

Think you know Muhammad, peace be upon him? Many Muslims and non-Muslims think they know about this man, Muhammad, peace be upon him. But you will be surprised to find out the truth about the most talked about man on earth - Muhammad... Read More..
muhammad1The Priests of the Levites asked John the Baptist, "If you are not the Christ (Messiah), and not Elijah - are you THAT Prophet?"
(Bible - John 1:20)
Was Muhammad (p) the one they were looking for? 
muhammad02Was he - THAT PROPHET?...Read..
More children today bear the name "Muhammad" in some form than any other name on earth.
Micheal H. Hart wrote in his book, the 100 Most Influencial Men in History, this choice for the number one position was - Muhammad. Why?
Whoever he was - you owe to yourself to find out more about this man, the most talked about man on the planet - This man Muhammad.

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#1 Abu Ayesha 2012-01-23 11:30
I love prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. You should never put his name without saying, sallalahu alayhi was salam.

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