Babies Born Believers?

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born believers


"Babies are Born as Believers"?

Dr. Barrett, a scientist says, "If we threw a handful of them on an island and they raised themselves . ." (babies) "they would believe in God."

Babies are "born believers" in God - Not evolution, as some have speculated. Babies do not simply acquire religious beliefs through indoctrination. This is confirmed in rescent scientific research. 

"Every child is born with a natural inclination (fitra) to submit to God in peace (Islam) and it is their parents who raise them up to be Jews, Christians or fireworshippers" - Muhammad, peace be unto him.

Dr. Justin Barrett, a scientist, and senior researcher at the University of Oxford's Centre for Anthropology and Mind says, "Young people have a predisposition to believe in a supreme being because they assume that everything in the world was created with a purpose."

He also tells us, "Young children have faith even when they have not been taught about it by family or at school, and argues that even those raised alone on a desert island would come to believe in God".

And he announced on BBC Radio:

"The preponderance of scientific evidence for the past 10 years or so has shown that a lot more seems to be built into the natural development of children's minds than we once thought, including a predisposition to see the natural world as designed and purposeful and that some kind of intelligent being is behind that purpose."

"If we threw a handful on an island and they raised themselves I think they would believe in God."

In a lecture to be given at the University of Cambridge's Faraday Institute, Dr Barrett referred to psychological experiments carried out on children he says prove, "Children instinctively believe almost everything is designed with a specific purpose."

In another study, six and seven-year-olds who were asked why the first bird existed replied "to make nice music" and "because it makes the world look nice".

Another experiment on 12-month-old babies suggested that they were surprised by a film in which a rolling ball apparently created a neat stack of blocks from a disordered heap.

Dr Barrett said, "There is evidence that even by the age of four, children understand that although some objects are made by humans, the natural world is different".

He added, "This means children are more likely to believe in creationism rather than evolution, despite what they may be told by parents or teachers."

Dr Barrett also said, "Anthropologists have found that in some cultures children believe in God even when religious teachings are withheld from them" and, "Children's normally and naturally developing minds make them prone to believe in divine creation and intelligent design. In contrast, evolution is unnatural for human minds; relatively difficult to believe."


"Every child is born on the 'fitrah' (natural inclination) of 'Islam' (submission to God in peace) and it is their parents who raise them up to be Jews, Christians or fireworshippers" - Prophet Muhammad [Sahih Muslim]

Scientists Say It's True - Does Islam? (YES)

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