4 Babies in 2 minutes?

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4 Babies in 2 Minutes
babies quads1From "Stories That Count"
- by yusuf estes


Parents: Help you children learn numbers and words at home! Use this real news story to teach them differences between words: 'four' and 'for'; 'two' and 'to' and 'too'; 'one' and 'once' and how to spell the words also. - From 'Stories That Count'

A Muslim Sister in Bangalore, India -

Gives Birth To Four - in less than 2 minutes?

1st Time For - 4 Babies At 1 Time

babies quads2

Two (2) Boys and Two (2) Girls, too.

Possibly the first time ever in Bangalore, India a mother gave birth to quadruplets babies, all born in less time than brewing a cup of tea. The real amazing thing, is how quickly the babies were born - all in less than one and half minutes. This makes the story even more unusual and interesting considering the short delivery time.
The quadruplets were also born naturally (no C-section), and weigh between 1.03 kg and 1.35 kg. All of them were kept under observation.

All four babies and their mother were in good health, Al Hamdulillah (Praise to God). All this comes by way of a report from Cloud Nine Hospital, a private hospital in Bangalor, India.

Nafeesa and her husband Saifulla became parents of two boys and two girls on a Friday in October. The couple are from Adanapalle in Andhra Pradesh, and they came to Bangalore for delivery of the babies due to the high risk involved.

Dr Leela Bhagwan, senior consultant obstetrician at Cloudnine Hospital, said that the mother discovered she was pregnant with quadruplets about four  before delivery.

babies quads3
The couple already have a one child, a boy.

Kids: Have fun and enjoy finding words and numbers when you read a real news story watch for words: 'four' and 'for'; 'two' and 'to' and 'too'; 'one' and 'once' and see how to spell these words too (not 2) - And stay guided with GUIDE US TV

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#2 sister 2011-10-31 15:31
MashaALLAH for the muslim Ummah,the more the merrier,keep them coming.May ALLAH make them great muslims Ameen
#1 Yusuf Estes 2011-10-31 01:11
I hope this story and others like it will help in teaching our children the differences between numbers and words that sound alike but have different meanings. Spelling is a very important part of our communication and our children are loosing out in our high tech world today.
Let me know if you would like more stories like this here on Islam Newsroom, inshallah.
Jazakallah khair and remember to "hug 'em while you got 'em"
Peace - salam alaykum, Yusuf Estes

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