Blind Muslim Shoots Hoops

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See 'Slam Dunk' Shots
blind hearts_slamdunk5

By Blind Muslim - Without help!

Jerome Claire (Abdul Malik after coming to Islam) accepted Islam and has done many amazing things since there.

Watch him "slam-dunk" basketballs right in the basket, even though he is quite far from the basket.

This is the link on Tube Islam - 
Blind Hearts or Blind Eyes

or watch the video (below)




#1 Yusuf Estes 2011-10-29 00:40
Salam alaykum, I personally know our brother Abu Hafsa. There can be no doubt he is one amazing person. Watching him shoot baskets with a basket ball is just too much for anyone. As soon as someone tells you he cannot see, yet he is throwing the ball exactly through the hoop every time - you have to think - "How is this possible?"
Well, of course, if Allah can guide to Islam - He can also guide someone to shoot hoops.
Still, this is amazing.
Make dua for our brother Abu Hafsa.

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