Music in Islam? Really?

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music no yes maybe
be? Yes? No?

QUESTION: Muslims everywhere ask about "music"! Is it totally haram (forbidden)? Or is it OK?
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Bismillah Rahman Raheem - salam alaykum - Peace be unto all who seek true guidance:

Thanks for a good question. This subject comes up more and more everywhere I go to visit the Muslims. Seems as though it has become a major consideration for Muslims of all ages and walks of life.

Actually, I find it amazing and ironic & personal.

Amazing because first of all, so many people are concerned about it.

Here is the answer based on Quran and sunnah (teachings of Muhammad, peace be upon him).
The issue of "music" in Islam today is a proof of the accuracy of our beloved prophet, peace be upon him.

He actually predicted the time would come when some of the people from his followers who make certain things halal (although they were forbidden). Amongst these included; men wearing silk, the drinking of alcohol, illegal sex, and musical instruments.

Today there are in fact, several imams and so-called scholars doing anything they can to do exactly what is mentioned in this prophetic statement of our beloved prophet, peace be upon him, including trying to claim the statement isn't true (although it is recorded in Sahih Al-Bukhari, the most trustworthy of all collections of hadeeth). - So, it has happened. - This hadeeth also indicates to us that it was not all music - but certainly playing of musical instruments is not acceptable. And even then a certain type of drum (called a 'daff') was not included in what was forbidden.

Also, the human voice is not considered a musical instrument either, but it could still be haram if it is used in a seductive or stimulating way or if the words are not appropriate.

Ironic & Personal

This subject is ironically strange and very personal to me, because you see, I was a musician and owned music stores and teaching studios.
We even had our own music show on cable TV, "The Estes Music Jamboree." Our stores sold organs, pianos, pianos, band instruments and drums of all types and sizes. Our family was really into music and I made millions of dollars in the music industry over a period of several decades.

It is because of this real life experience that I can tell you in all sincerity, there is no doubt in my mind these musical instruments are very much a tool of the shayton and something to take people away from the rememberance of Almighty Allah. I have seen it and know there are people who make a lot of money out of this nonsense.

The Quran promises us things in Jennah far beyond our wildest dream. And certainly the music of Paradise is going to be better than any of this trashy stuff here, right? I want the music of Jennah and I want it for all of the Muslims, ameen.

Leave the arguement for those who think they know everything - Allah is the only one who is the "All-Knower" - I don't have time to waste with these silly people and their desires. We are too busy presenting Islam, giving shahadahs to new people who want the real Islam and are ready to give up all the lusts, desires and greed of this word (and music is almost always one of the first things they want to get away from). Amazing, to me and all who come into the deen - how much we would like to leave all the nonsense far behind while all the "born Muslims" want to run to the worldy things.

I have listened to a large number of scholars on this topic for many years. The conclusion based on the real evidence is pretty simple. If you want the detailed and long version of the whole thing, we have Abu Bilal Mustafa Al-Kanadi's book, "Music and Singing in the Light of the Quran and the Sunnah" translated and in two different forms. One is an easy to read overview without all the commentary and the other one is the whole. long version with all the details and references, right here on our website:

Detailed in Four (4) Parts:
(detailed and very long)

Or Here Are The Simple Answers:

They are HARAM (forbidden) - Except for the duff.

Not according to today's understanding of the word "singing". It is RESTRICTED to certain occassions, not to opposite sex to arouse or stimulate or distract from ibadah (worship).

Except in certain conditions and then it is limited to men or women only, doing line dancing and not for the attraction or seduction of the opposite sex. And definitely not according to how most of us would define "dancing" these days.

Advise: As Allah tells us in the Quran -

"O you who believe, guard yourself and your family against a Fire whose fuel is men and stones."

Let's all use our spare time to learn more Arabic, read more Quran and study more hadeeth and the biography of our beloved prophet, peace be upon him, so the next time someone asks us about "music", we can tell them all about it, inshallah.

Jazakallah khairan for your good question. Pray for us and we are praying for all of the Muslims everywhere. Allah guide us and forgive us and grant us Jennah, ameen.

“And verily, Allah guides the believers to a straight path.”
[Quran 22:54]

- END -
music haram halal or whatever

Want more detailed and critical analysis on the rulings of music and singing in Islam from the real scholars, based on Quran, hadeeth, early scholars and the four madhab (schools of Islamic Jurisprudence)?
Click this link

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#5 aisha 2015-05-29 09:21
Ï don't like music it give me headache .you know music is bad .you can get accident or speed ticket while listening music and driving because you don't know your speed .at home you forget salat and ibadah. Everything Allah told us not to do it .don't do it because they are bad and even if you try you will notice later in your life that they are not good.I would like to ask the sheikh the nasheed because kids listen like a Zaky baba Ali. Jasakumullahu qayr.
#4 Abubakar sanusi 2015-01-02 12:28
I like music but insha Allah from today I will stop it thanks alot my dear brother's and sisters in Islam
#3 Muslim1 2012-09-19 21:01
#2 Muslim Girls Names 2012-04-07 11:43
I also heard that some scholars say that it is even not haram to listen to classic music with piano. But somehow i cannot believe this. What is the answer for this?
#1 I like singing and nasheeds is this haram? 2011-10-04 05:38
Is it OK to sing & listen to nasheeds? everyone is saying yes.

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