'Modern' Hijab or NO?

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Is This Hijab?
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ISLAM NEWSROOM UPDATE - April 30, 2015 - Thursday 2:33 PM EST

Remember - not so long ago...

THE HAGUE — The Netherlands - Paris, France - Amsterdam, Holland - Recent articles (below) indicate France and Netherlands efforts to make it illegal for a woman to cover herself entirely while in public.

hijab arrestsInteresting, isn't it?

Paris, France and Amsterdam, Holland - A woman can shows off her body almost totally nude in these very same countries, and what happens? These men just love it. She's "liberated"!

The more she shows of her body, her shape, her face, her hair or any part of her beauty (even naked) - NO PROBLEM! WELCOME!

But if she would like to be modest, or shy or might have any reason for covering herself - FORBIDDEN & PROHIBITED IN THESE COUNTRIES!??

One Very Good Question

Another question - What about the habit of Catholic nuns? Or any other religiously mandated covering?

Some of the Catholic Nuns Orders demand they be covered up, and even a few order the nuns to cover their faces, or at least they used to have some who had this type of covering.

hijab niqab5So, what about other religious teachings for Hindus, Bhuddists, Jews?
What if they would like to observe a more secure attitude and cover their faces, part of their faces or their ankles?

Who will decide what is OK to cover? (Why don't they worry about what is OK to show off in public?)
Which brings us to the next question - "What will be acceptable 'covering' for the Muslims?"

hijab niqab6Take a close look at the images (below) and see what you think might be acceptable to the Non-Muslim men who make the laws for Muslim women in the Netherlands.


And now here is one of the many articles reporting the difficult situation for our sisters in Holland and Belgium (the Netherlands).

hijab niqab 99Please pray for them...

THE HAGUE — The Netherlands will ban the burqa and halve immigration under measures agreed in a pact to form a minority coalition government, anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders announced Thursday.

hijab Egypt airways2"A new wind will blow in The Netherlands," declared Wilders whose party is part of the deal, standing alongside the leaders of the pro-business VVD party and the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) that will form the minority government.

"There will... be a burqa ban," said the controversial politician, who is to go on trial in Amsterdam next Monday for inciting hatred against Muslims, adding that there would also be 50 percent reduction in immigration.

"We want the Islamisation to be stopped," he said, speaking in The Hague as measures in the agreement were announced.

Wilders -- who campaigns for a ban on Muslim immigration and wants to end the building of new mosques and tax Muslim head scarves -- had a say in the plan's immigration policies in return for supporting its austerity measures.

hijab Egypt AirwaysThe "Freedom and responsibility" plan seeks to cut government spending by 18 billion euros (24 billion dollars) by 2015.

It proposes cutting The Netherlands' contribution to the European Union by one billion euros and shaving a billion euros off development cooperation and 1.2 billion off health care costs.

It also wants to reduce the number of MPs from 150 to 100 and the number of senators from 75 to 50.

hijab mayor first1The longest chapter of the accord -- seven of its 46 pages -- is devoted to immigration.

"A reduction of immigration is in order and urgent given the societal problems," stated the document.

"The immigration policy ... is aimed at limiting and reducing the arrival of migrants with few prospects."

It proposes stricter conditions for granting asylum and making it harder for the partners and children of immigrant workers to move to The Netherlands. It also wants integration examinations to become harder.

hijab new 4CDA party members, deeply divided over cooperation with Wilders, have yet to approve the new accord which will be debated at a party congress on Saturday.

If they do, the CDA's 21 MPs must put their final stamp on the deal before Queen Beatrix can give presumed prime minister-in-waiting Mark Rutte, the VVD leader, the go-ahead to form his cabinet.

The VVD, or People's Party for Freedom and Democracy, narrowly won the June 9 elections with 31 out of 150 parliamentary seats but needs partners to form a government.

Wilders' Party for Freedom (PVV) will remain outside the envisaged VVD-CDA cabinet but will provide the minority government with the majority it needs to pass decisions through parliament in return for a voice in policy formation.

The three parties started negotiations soon after the polls to reach a balance between Wilders' socialist economic policies and strict budget cuts promised by the VVD and CDA.

CDA leader Maxime Verhagen described the deal as a "very good governing agreement."

"I am convinced that it is an agreement that every Christian Democrat will be able to identify with," he said.

hijab for NYRutte said his government planned on carrying out "important reforms."

"We want to give the country back to the working Dutch citizen," he said.

The banning of the burqa is controversial in Europe, where the French parliament this month passed a law prohibiting the wearing of a full-face veil in public.

The exact number of women wearing the head-to-toe covering burqa in The Netherlands is not known. However, it is believed to be around several dozen.

Muslims make up an estimated about 900,000 of the 16.5 million Dutch population.

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#22 Umm Nuh 2015-04-30 08:52
As a sister I can honestly say you know if you are wearing the right clothes when you leave your house. You feel proud of who you are or you feel embarrassed and hope you don't run into anyone whom you know. If you need a definitive answer on dress look to the Quran and Sunnah and you'll have your answer. Islam isn't interchangeable with what is modern and in style it's a way of life. When you submit to Allah(swt) it's a done deal a complete package. Allah(swt) knows best your heart and intentions so make the best of intentions and Insha'Allah they'll be accepted and recorded as good deeds in your book. Life in this world is short make the best of it and collect your good deeds wherever you can.
#21 younes 2015-03-26 17:13
assalamou 3alaykoum,
the right hijab is when the women cover herselve totaly and wear only one color hijab, also the hijab should never be too thin or transparent !!!
We ask
ALLAH to guide us in the right way of islam .
#20 Abdul Nasir 2014-05-30 12:12
How sad promoting female nudity, instead of descent . Allah would certainly uphold his religion.
#19 cupcake 2014-04-18 10:28
just to get a laugh can we see some of the questions on the integration exam & tell us how the non-muslim men want the muslimahs 2 dress. I have an idea but I just want to take away the guess work.
#18 cupcake 2014-04-18 07:59
whats an integration exam? the dutch want every 1 to subscribe to their way of living because of ethnocentrism.
banning of building mosques & taxation of religious garb is a breach of international law which explicitly ensure people’s right to expression and to practice their religion:

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
Article 18:1. Everyone shall have the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. This right shall include freedom to… manifest his religion or belief in worship, observance, practice and teaching.
Being tolerant does not only mean accepting people who look and act exactly like you; but accepting the choices of other people, especially, if you do not understand or agree with them.
#17 amat rafei 2014-04-16 06:27
Quoting nasrin:
Well these muslims are living in a europe country and not in a muslim country, so they have to follow the european rules wether they like it or not, if not they should move back to their muslim country, a european man or woman has also to accept the rules of a muslim country if they live there or just come for a visit.

sorry for my bad english

You must think, Europeans are democrats & free men but why when Muslims want to follow their Religion truly & correctly why Europeans forbid them. it's irony, not fair. think with your honest heart. make your selves just.
#16 cupcake 2014-03-27 11:56
some scholars say covering the face is fard while others say it is mustahab.
imams hanbali & shafi say that the face & hands are awrah. hanfi & maliki say Muslim woman should cover her face and palms as long as there is a risk of temptation. The temptation means if a woman is beautiful or if immorality is common or unchaste people are wide spread.
there'a hadith stating that 1 should not cover face & hands in ihram. Aisha ( may Allah be pleased with her) said: "Men on camels used to pass by us while we were with the Prophet Muhammad (Blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) and in the state of Ihram. We would cover our faces with our gowns when they passed by us, and then uncover them again" this shows 1 can not leave the face & hands uncovered in ihram. if covering face was not mandatory then why this hadith.
evidence 4 covering face @ islamqa # 13646, 21134, 21536, 13998, 11774
#15 Editor 2014-03-27 01:50
Quoting cupcake:
People's Party for Freedom and Democracy?? doesn't sound like freedom or democracy 2 me...
..there's a loophole. the law prohibits the wearing of a full-face veil in public. can 1 get away wearing a half face niqab ?

Editor: Most scholars we asked say, 'It is not FARD (mandatory) to cover the entire face'.
So don't make your life and others a difficulty. Do what you can and enjoy the concession given by Allah.
#14 cupcake 2014-03-26 12:27
People's Party for Freedom and Democracy?? doesn't sound like freedom or democracy 2 me. does the dutch constitution grant freedom of religion?
banning the burqa is not a problem because islam did not say u have 2 dress like u just stepped out of the gulf.
taxing Muslim head scarves?!?! sounds like a bunch of islamophobes. what happens if a muslimah wore 1 of the scarves sold in department stores. can they tell if this is a muslim or a jew ? or do they target people who wear black.
there's a loophole. the law prohibits the wearing of a full-face veil in public. can 1 get away wearing a half face niqab ?
#13 Abdul 2014-03-25 16:04
the only reason why France and other countries want to ban Hijab, because most of them are pedos and perverts, that why. some of these ministers got caught with hookers. why else do you think they want to ban?

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