Mask Or No Mask? Make Up Your Minds

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Crusade Against Islam
French Say: Show Us Your Face

For Muslim women!

New twist - on the Old Story.

Paris, France: Minister of Immigration Minister denies citizenship to man, because wife covers face in public.

Official states reads: “ . . her face uncovered, rejects principles of secularism and equality between men and women"

France's Prime Minister, signs decree and makes it prohibition for citizenship.


Not the only nor the first paper in this trail. A Moroccan woman wearing a face mask was denied citizenship back in 2008, even before the "Burqa Ban" activism led to parliment commission explicitly banned any covering over the face.

Was the argument back in 2008 about the face cover itself? For instance, because of identity or security. Nope! Wording used was regarding: "radical religious practice that is incompatible with the essential values of the French community".

The newspaper Le Figaro, reported:

The man is "Moroccan and needs French citizenship to settle in France with his wife" then goes on to say, both of them are of Tablighi Jamaat, a conservative Muslim group who try hard to live up to the model of Prophet Mohammad. Le Figaro says the man stated that his wife should be under full protective covering in public and his wife agrees.

French State Council did not mention the veil itself while approving of the decree, instead they used the husband's comments saying, it is not compatible with French values, according to Le Figaro.

So this gives the appearance of defending cultural preservation and defending gender equality, rather than religious or individual rights to chose their clothing style.

Naturally, there was nothing mentioning the Muslim women who are citizens by birth.



And this -

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#15 Lily 2012-11-13 14:01
La huwaquwata illabilla, inshaallah Allah(subhana wata'ala) will incease our patience. Ameen.
#14 ahmed 2012-05-26 01:18
What is wrong with them. Allah is the almighty lord. The one (Al ahad) that has power over all. The one who watches over all. Who are we to deny what the lord has told us. The Hijaab is good and I am against the french government. As for Islam newsroom, Keep Up The Good Work!
#13 Mehreen 2012-05-22 23:47
What right does the french govt have to barge into women's wardrobe. This is not liberating women in any sense. What message are they sending by banning the burqa. They just want to degrade women by lusting on their beauty. In the name of women's liberalization they have degraded their mothers and daughters. Shame on them.
#12 Abu Khalid 2011-07-21 22:49
Probably for the best if we leave France, I'm sure the resulting labor shortage would be fun for them. Look at how the Spanish Empire collapsed due to the expulsion of the "Moors."
#11 amatrafei 2011-07-20 22:35
if you are free people why don't you let others do what they want? as far as they don't make any trouble. you admit as free people but the reality you hate Islam right? you have something bad in your's not fair.
#10 mike 2011-07-17 06:42
@Naveed lol right...keeping women from being modest and properly covered is barging into their private lives..okay if they think its incompatible with their culture and society..broad- mindedly its rather respecting 'em, u dont want women to be raped every km on places, in the name of so called liberty, they compel ladies to expose themselves, letting people ogle and have fun, the result : no dignity, no self-respect, no privacy, ultimate result :initially flirting and then rapes and assaults. so this way a society is instead going to be all messed up and spoiled with bad and wicked people inhabiting it. if still they call it right not to let women to cover themselves, then they're ignorant, its as simple as that. its utter ignorance and lack of education! no way is it exploitation of their rights or anything, i feel so dignified and so so respected when i cover myself properly and no man looking at me and having lusts in regard to me. its called modesty and decency, not deprivation of liberty. jerks!
#9 sk 2011-07-17 03:25
Nicolas Sarkozy is trying to stir up racial tensions and of targeting one of France's most vulnerable minorities. he's trying to win back votes by introducing in this law in the face of increased support for anti-immigratio n parties in France.__the law stigmatizes Muslim women and it is a breach of religious freedom.__The ban is a wider attack on the religious identity
#8 Naveed 2011-07-16 03:21
They wanted us to be just like them.
#7 aya 2011-06-10 05:17
What in the world do they think they are doing??!!!!
I do not wear niqab, but there are women in my family wearing it of their own free will.... by removing their right to wear it, they are only encroaching on people's rights!

Also, I agree with Emma one hundred percent... bring a woman lawmaker to the debate table... unless you're scared she'll protect herself!
#6 Emma 2010-09-01 08:59
Who do they think they are, telling us how to dress?! Notice how all these lawmakers are men? They are just angry that they would have less feminine beauty to feed on! If you are telling us what we can and cannot wear, it is not called freedom! Wake up already!

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