Why Muslim Women Cover?

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#2 kathy 2014-08-29 22:20
Yusuf do you know what i found out a few months back. I have oppurtuinty sometimes to shop in this huge kosher supermarket where many Hasidic Jews shop. Well one day i went in and saw something that was so shocking i had to catch my breath. A Jewish woman dressed in niquab!
Yes there is a small percent that do this just like the muslim women
i went up to the couple and began to speak to them.the husband said that its such a small percent but it does excist
i did some more research and called up " JEWS FOR PEACE.ORG
Amazing now isn't this? israeli government I hear is tring to get these women to stop wearing them.
Don't know why?
#1 cupcake 2014-08-21 22:26
women cover because Allah said so & they dont enjoy being treated like meat in the grocery stores .
there's a dress code 4 men. perhaps we should discuss this so it doesnt sound 1 sided. there was a non-muslim girl who inquired why muslim women cover & the men could just do whatever they want. i told her about the dress code 4 men. a hijab 4 men video might clear some misconceptions.

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