Muslims in Prison! Pagans in Paradise?

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"Prison Or Paradise" WHY?

ISLAM NEWSROOM UPDATE - Friday March 20, 2015

"Worldly life Is a prison to believers -
But it's a Paradise - to disbelievers"

How does this relate to today's world?
Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said:

"Ad-Dunyaa sijnul mu-min wa jannatul kaafir."

(This material world is a prison to the believers and a paradise to the disbelievers)
The comparison is between a paradise and a prison.

He did not compare this worldly life for believers to a "Hell" as some might do, but he did say it was a paradise for unbelievers. Why?
This life is not really "Hell" - may Allah save us from that, ameen.
Rather, everything in this life is limited and restricted for the believers. They are in a similar condition to those who are locked away. Think about it.
When a person truly understands the message of "Islam" (meaning: to submit to God's authority and obey His Commandments in sincerity and peace), the person could only be happy when they would be closer to Almighty God. The faithful believer is most happy whenever contemplating and remembering Allah, the most High, the Most Loving. And to be with Allah in the Next Life is the absolute goal of each and every believer.
Consider what happens when a person is put into a prison. The first thing is they loose their freedom to move about anywhere they would like to go. They would be cut off from those they most love and desire to be with. True?
Food and drink would be another item that would be restricted. Things we take for granted every day would not be available to the one in jail. One choice only: Eat it - or leave it!
Clothing is definitely something we just assume is our right and we make choices about this everyday without even considering how limited these things are while in prison.
Communication with the outside exists, but it is quite limited and often difficult to manage. There is a feeling of being cut off.
Most of all, there is the loss of being close to the one whom you love the most and desire to be with, your loved one.
All of these things point toward the condition of the one who is believing in Allah and understanding what is awaiting in the real Paradise in the Next Life. Imagine having anything in the way of food, drink, dress and the freedom to be able to have whatever you desire is what Paradise is all about, isn't it?
Let us contrast that to the unbeliever's condition here in this world. For them, there is no "Next Life." They consider this to be the only life and for them it is important to get whatever they want here.
Money, power, wealth, fame and glory are all very important to them. After all, their idea of "Heaven" is right here in front of them.
Often the believer sees these people being so "successful" in this world, to the extent the believer might ask, "Why is this person getting so much?" or "How come this person is doing bad things, but getting away with it?"
The seeming unfairness we observe first hand on a daily basis should be one of the indicators, that there really is a God and that He is going to have a Day of Judgment and for sure everyone will see their true deeds and be held accountable for them on that Day.
How can it be fair for the rich, wealthy and famous to do some of the things they do and not be punished - while many innocent people are in very horrible conditions and even die without having done anything close to the evils of these other people?
Good questions.

But when you consider the statement of our blessed prophet, peace be upon him: "This world is a prison to believers and a paradise to disbelievers"
it all begins to come into balance and reassures the believers:
"There really is a God. He is One, without any Partners - and for sure, Muhammad, peace be upon him, is His messenger."

Read about Yusuf Ansari, he came to Islam - in the man-made prison after a life in the "Worldly prison":
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#2 Sherif Yehya 2015-03-25 05:39
All deeds will be evaluated by Allah. Reward and punishment will be applied in the Day of Judgement. Whoever makes good will see good and whoever makes bad will see bad.
#1 Marvi 2010-11-22 00:14
Assalam o alaikum wa rehmatullah wa barakatuh,
Jazakallu khair for such a lovely reminder,most needed in times going on...
May Allah accept your efforts make you and us all among the best of His servants. Ameen.

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