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Our Day
Our Way
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Yusuf Estes Eid Kutbah

Eid Khutbah
(Celebration of end of Ramadan speech)
by Yusuf Estes

Our Day - Eid Kutbah


What are the rules, regulations and benefits of Eid Salat for Eid Al Fitr (After Ramadhan) and Eid Al Adhan (after Hajj)?
Find out now - See this Video on TUBE ISLAM .com

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#2 sister 2014-07-29 21:03
Bismillahalrahm analraheem,As-s alamualeykumwar ahmatullahiwaba rakatuhu ,peaceful and blessed EIDULFITR MABROOKto you family and all brothers and sisters who are oppressed and suffering world over Aameen
#1 Yusuf Estes 2014-07-27 18:56
Bismillah - Salam alaykum & Eid Mubarak to all!
Listen to the instructions for the Eid salat. This is valid and necessary for all of us to understand what the limits and obligations of Eid (celebrating) are all about.
I love you all for the sake of Allah and ask only for your prayers (dua).
Jazakumallahu khairan (Allah increase us all in His blessings, ameen.)
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