Which Group is 'Saved Sect' of Islam?

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Which Group is True Islam?
Mathabs? Imams?
Confused & Need Help!


I once thought about blindly following a madhab and then considered the problems facing me if I try to authenticate hadith all on my own.
Frankly, the whole thing is a bit overwhelming and I would like your comments on what I should or should not do about all of this.


(this is regarding the article at www.IslamTomorrow.com/groups)

You make good sense and I don't blame you. I probably didn't write the articles well enough and probably need to look at them again, inshallah.

You are correct in saying the schools of thought have a lot of merit.In fact, much of what we know in Islam today has been in some way,preserved by one or the other or all of these four madhaahab.

However, it is not correct to claim to follow someone blindly when youhave a clear proof that he ordered you not to do so. Right? (read againthe page on the Four Imams)

At once we are forced to understand it is our responsibility to takeonly what we can verify. Please do not think we are saying not tofollow great imams and teachers, we are only saying to verify foryourself what they are saying and not to follow them blindly, whileclaminng to be a "Hanifee" or a "Maliki" or a "Shafiiee" or "Hanbali."

Go to the books of these schools of fiqh and see where they are gettingtheir information before follow them. You can easily compare with themodern works of fiqh in "Fiqh us Sunnah" by Sayyid Sabiq. He comparesthe scholars works to the actual hadeeth for you. It is very nice andall five volumes in English are less than $40.00, inshallah.


You can also get information out of them online  (FREE):
So, don''t panic and get discouraged, this is actually the excitingpart of being a Muslim, to be able to understand the workings of theworship, inshallah.

Please write anytime - and remember:
Fiqh is not the core of Islam - it is the fruit of Islam.

We ask Allah to accept your fasting, salat, zakat and hajj - and grant you Jennah, ameen.



#3 taghrid 2013-08-11 03:16
asalam alykom
those are links for no arabic muslim, may be it is usfull for you:


#2 mariam 2011-09-05 13:00
Assalamu alykum
Just for your information:
I was so happy to see the link to "masmn" as me too I sometimes wonder how to find out if someones daleel is really reliable or not. So I clicked ... and got error 404 : "not found" and no link to books to be found on "www.masmn.org" either...
Anyhow thanks for offering so much information though!
#1 Talib 2011-09-05 09:20
I as a muslim brother want to help u out of this problem i am sugesting u to read Quran properly & understand wt it is preaching & tri ur best to live like our prophet Muhamad(PBUH) did.

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