Muhammad Mercy to Mankind

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Mercy to Mankind
Muhammad Mercy to mankind1
Our Prophet Muhammad

Cartoons, Jokes & Offensive Statements Against Muhammad - Why?
(First of 5)
Part 1 "Muhammad A to Z"

Muhammad A to Z (part 1)
Video: Muhammad A to Z Yusuf Estes wrote: Muhammad, peace be upon him, has always been the focal point for Muslims for 14 centuries. But now we see even non-Muslims becoming interested in knowning more about this unique personality and historical character.

He is the one Allah called the "Mercy to Mankind (peace be upon him)

Muhammad the prophet, peace be upon him, has always been the focal point and principle topic for Muslims for the last 14 centuries, about this there can be no doubt.

Today however, we see even non-Muslims being interested to gain information and learn about our prophet, peace be upon him. Amazingly enough, the reason for their desire to gain knowledge about him, is out of fear or paranoia largely based on false stories, rumors, exaggerations and misrepresentations.

Most people are surprised when they learn of the wonderful teachings of Muhammad, peace be upon him. Some at first doubt these things can be true, simply because they have only heard so much negative statements in the media over the years. Yet, as any Muslim will tell you, the history and legacy of Muhammad, peace be upon him, has been so well documented there is no other man throughout the history of the earth to have so much authentic and accurate information about him.



Muhammad, peace be upon him, was many things and worked in many capacities throughout his 63 year lifetime.


Both loyal friends and enemies alike mentioned his excellent qualities. They all knew him to be a leader, economist, councelor, preacher, head of an empire, yet down to earth and fair in all his dealings.

He brought about a balanced way of living, providing rights for the poor, distressed, needy and oppressed and at the same time setting limits for everyone to adhere to in all aspects of daily living.

He taught a complete way of life from the cradle to the grave. He covered even the smallest details of how to conduct the day to day life. He discussed everything starting with the very creation of the human being to childhood, puberty, adulthood, marriage, sex, having children, working together, being a responsible citizen and growing old right up to and including the death of each of us.

He established rights for women, children, orphans, elders and even animals at a time when people had reached the very lowest of depths of morals and were practicing the most horrible customs and traditions regarding children, women and slaves.

Men were taught to respect their mothers and fathers and not to even say, "Oof" when they might become old and dependent on them for care and nursing. (Incidentally, the idea of "senior citizens homes" is quite replusive to the believers)

Women were to have full rights as any citizen in the community. She was not to change her name when she married because she was not the man's property, she was still a full individual. A woman could keep any of her possessions, property and inheritance, regardless of her husband's financial situation. She had the right to chose whom she would like to marry and even divorce if there was no way to find compatibility in marriage.


Muhammad, peace be upon him, taught equality of people with neither white nor blacks being superior to each other.

He encouraged his followers to release slaves and grant them freedom even if they had to buy them from someone else just to secure their release. Slavery according to Muhammad, peace be upon him, was to Almighty God.

Fourteen centuries before the Geneva Convention Muhammad, peace be upon him, insisted on rights for enemies and captives of war. His inititives regarding human rights are still held in awe until this day.

His enemies admitted he never lied, was always trustworthy, shared whatever he had with anyone needy and never took advantage of any innocent person during his entire life.

His friends held him to be a prophet of God and messenger to mankind. At the same time they said he was generous, honest, direct, kind,  quiet, shy, considerate, patient, gracious, forgiving and merciful.

Relatives of Muhammad, peace be upon him, included those who believed in his message and those who did not. Yet, all of them would quickly acknowledge his gentle personality and understanding concern for each of them. His beloved wife, Khadijah considerd him to be the finest of men and immediately reconized his prophethood from the very beginning. She loved him and supported him in every possible endeavor to help others understand the message with which Almight God had entrusted him.


Muhammad, peace be upon him, was always attentive to the youth and he loved children very much.

He encouraged them to be honest, chaste, fair and above all, to have faith in Almighty God and always to be obedient and respectful to their parents.

He was a moderate person in all that he did. He never drank wine or strong drink and in fact, never filled his stomach to the maximum as we are all so acustomed to doing these days. He didn't lie, nor did he gamble or deal in usury, nor did he engage in sex outside of marriage.

Non-Muslims throughout the centuries have commented on the excellent character and teachings of Muhammad, peace be upon him. Even to the extent they have called for the re-establishment of the complete Islamic state (shar'iah) to bring about a better way for people to live, even up until now.

Almighty God, the Exalted and Most High, entrusted Muhammad, peace be upon him, with a special message to all mankind. It was the same message He had sent along with all of the previous prophets to their tribes and nations before:

"Worship One God, without any associates or partners; following His Commandments and love for each other what you love for yourself."

Now you can be a part of the world wide effort to set the record straight by sharing with everyone the "real picture" of our beloved prophet, Muhammad, peace be upon him.

Our websites, videos, audios, CDs and DVDs are designed to present the correct information about Islam, Allah, Quran and our prophet, peace be upon him, in simple English terms at no cost to the seeker of truth. None of our material is copyrighted nor do we permit anyone to copyright it. This is all for the sake of truth and promoting true Islam without charge to those who might be interested.

See for yourself. Find out everything about Muhammad, peace be upon him. Listen to the quotes and statements of scholars from around the world and throughout history. Discover the real picture of Muhammad, peace be upon him.


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#1 Yusuf Estes 2013-08-01 06:43
Salam (peace), to know about real truth of Muhammad, peace be upon him, is to know about Islam itself. Here is the living example of the Quran in motion. We Muslims know he was the most caring and loving, peaceful person who could never do what some people accuse him of. May Allah protect our prophet and reputation, ameen.

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