California Girl to MUSLIM?

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New Muslim - Same Name
Angela Collins is Muslim 01
Angela Became Muslim: WHY?


"California Girl" - Angela Collins Accepted Islam

"When you think - 'California girl' -
you probably think of someone like Angela Collins
. . a blond with surfer girl looks."

"Angela grew up Catholic, but she left the church and converted
. . and today Angela Collins is MUSLIM!"

Angela Collins video 1

Why is Islam the FASTEST GROWING RELIGION?News 20000 converts
Over 20,000 PerĀ  Year in USA?

Why MORE WOMEN enter Islam than man?

Why PRIESTS & PREACHERS enter Islam?

Watch Videos of Convert Stories on
converts reverts 01 med

"If Allah brings someone to Islam by your hand -
it is better for you than 'ad-dunya wa maa fee haa'
(the universe and everything in it)"
- saying of prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

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#3 iqbal husain 2010-07-16 05:21
Assalamaliakum, my dearest daughter Amgela
I wish peaceful and happy Islamic life and always follow the straight path of Allah, Quran and His prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him. Please remember me in Naamaz.
iqbal husain
#2 ALI MOHAMMED 2010-06-13 23:03
sellam aleikum sister,
you are the chance full one because Islam is the only religion of all man kinds must follow in order to get tranquility in this world as well as paradise after death.
From Ethiopia
#1 angela muslim 2010-05-29 22:25
ass salam walikum sister
congrlation you be come a peace world islam
god blase you must be you falow up thanks
Mohammed abid
saudi arabia
and india

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