Arch Bishop to Islam? (Church Went Crazy)

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Arch Bishop

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Accepts Islam?

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. . he played music for them - then he announced his conversion to ISLAM!

A true story of Arch Bishop Martin John Mwaipop and reactions of the church - all because he prayed to Allah, instead of Jesus, peace be upon him!

Two Days Before Christmas - The Arch Bishop - Announced His Islam in CHURCH!

Archbishop Martin John Mwaipopo shocked his congregation two days before Christmas by announcing his conversion from Christianity to Islam. This news led to disbelief and accusations of him being “Crazy”! Then they called the police. Mwaipopo was eventually released from custody by Sheikh Ahmed, the person who initiated him into Islam.

Mwaipopo's background as an educated Lutheran archbishop with BA, Masters, Doctor of Divinity and church administration added to the astonishment of his conversion. Prior to embracing Islam, he held significant positions within the World Council of Churches, associating with notable figures like Barney Pityana and Bishop Desmond Tutu.

Born in Tanzania, Mwaipopo initially had ambitions of joining the police force but yielded to his father's wishes to become a priest. He pursued studies in England and Germany before returning to Tanzania and assuming leadership roles within the church. However, it was during his pursuit of a doctorate that he began questioning the truth behind different religions, ultimately leading him to Islam after reading the Quran.

Facing opposition from his former church, Mwaipopo lost his possessions and even his wife, who left him. He forgave his parents, who did not understand his decision due to their limited biblical knowledge. Mwaipopo's journey eventually led him to meet Sister Gertrude Kibweya, a Catholic nun who embraced Islam and became his wife. He asked her why she wore a cross. She said, “Because Jesus died on a cross.” He the asked, “If your dad is killed by a gun, will you wear a tiny gun on your chest?” Her contemplation led her to Islam and now she is called Zainab.

Life became challenging for Mwaipopo and his wife as he faced imprisonment for preaching against Christianity and experienced loss of their infant triplets in a bombing. Nevertheless, these events only strengthened their resolve and attracted more people to Islam, including his father-in-law. He faced further persecution, leading him to seek exile in Zambia.

Throughout his experiences, Mwaipopo recognized the importance of sharing information about Islam and urged Muslims to unite and defend one another. He admired the efforts of individuals like Ahmed Deedat, emphasizing the need to combat negative perceptions of Islam.

Overall, Mwaipopo's story highlights his journey from a prominent Christian leader to a dedicated Muslim, facing challenges and persecution along the way.

To the Muslims, Al Hajj Abu Bakr Mwaipopo’s message is this:

"There’s war against Islam. Flood the world with information. Do it right now. Muslims feel ashamed to be regarded as fundamentalists. Muslims must stop individual tendencies and unite collectively. Defend each other to you will be safe. Be of courage.” He mentions Ahmed Deedat, “He was not a learned man, but look at the way he spread Islam”.



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#16 Yusuf Estes 2023-06-29 01:01
Salam alaykum. We just AI (artificial intelligence) to re-write this story so it made sense and kept the main points.
Please tell us your opinion... OK?
#15 fatima adebayo 2013-01-20 10:58
I salute the ex -bishop's courage becouse I beleive there are many out their who are too afraid to embrace islaam even after knowing the treuth.
#14 Zohaib 2012-04-24 20:09
Mashallah. Your story is very amazing m brother. May Allah swt bless you and make life easier for you. The work and experiences you have had in life compare to very few. May you get rewarded for all your efforts. Ameen.
#13 ahmed 2012-04-20 07:19
Living for this world kills your heart. I was the same before reading the Quran. I will do my best to read it much more from now on. May Allah give both of us courage.
#12 p.sultana 2012-04-07 00:17
May Allah(swt) accept you and grant you jannah.
#11 jibril 2012-04-03 21:09
#10 yusaf 2012-04-02 06:50
i ll try to defend my neighbors and try to do something for the sake of ALLAH.
#9 Yahya 2012-04-02 01:28
Sallam brother May Allah grant you janatal firdose. may make you an asset for islam.

#8 Maryam Khan 2012-03-29 22:24
In the Name of Allah! The Most Graciou! The Most Merciful!

I will Insha Allah try to write something when I would be able to stop crying. Subhaan Allah! Allahu Akbar
#7 DR.IMDADUL ALAM 2012-03-26 13:48
Alhamdullilah.M ay Allah(swt) accept you and grant you jannah.
Truth(Islam) has come to mankind. It is a matter of time only when mankind will enter in ISLAM in millions.Falseh ood will try their best to prevent spreading truth by wars, false propaganda, books but they will be failed because Islam is the only true religion of creator of this universe.

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