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At last - Arabic Made EZ
Learn Arabic In English

"How can I get started learning Arabic?"

Many people have difficulty learning Arabic, especially since most teachers expect them to already have certain basic knowledge of the language when they begin.

order_arabicAll of that is changed -- Yusuf Estes presents "Arabic In English" - and entertaining and effective way for learning the Arabic language. A real "Must" for every non-Arab Muslim desiring to learn Arabic using English.

Amazing learning method developed by Yusuf Estes, years ago when he was a Christian music minister.

Designed using video DVDs, CD roms, PowerPoints - even online volunteers to make Arabic fun & E-Z.


That's right - DAYS! Not months or years.

Arabic in English (DVD & 2 CD-Roms)

Many people tell us how much this program has helped them to learn and understand the Arabic language in only a few days.

"I am so glad for this EZ way to learn Arabic - It really worked for me and I tell others about it all the time." - (Islam and Arabic teacher in USA)

"Amazing and definiteyl effective. My children are going crazy for it. Thanks Mr. Yusuf, for helping us learn Arabic in English." - Abdullah in VA.

Visit the site:  www.ArabicInEnglish.com

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Check it out for yourself Try the sample video now [click]

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